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Ha- Coke the little Chihuahua pupper.
Now kiss. C:

and look~ Baine makes it easier for Shiro by keeping his pants undone.. <3 Pedo for ghosts.. tsktsk.
My Sunnddaee!<3 beefcakes.. tehe<3
January 28th, 2014

Ah.. hn. I love you Zyephen.. See you next update. x//x

ehh..I have been kinda-figuring that he is dead. :[ so he really wouldn't feel the cold.
all my nope. D:
All I can see is this happening all in one day.. Jacob getting all the poundings.. x//x
D'aw.. Shishi remembers me.. >//< -embarrassed-

Pff, you just want it fixed Val so you don't have to see Jacob anymore.. and so Shishies doesn't have to draw him anymore.. <3
Baha, it's been awhile since I talked to you, you probably forgot who I am. >//< I'm the one obsessed with Zadel's maidd.. and we talked about our characters molesting each other -//-

BUT. -point- NAUGHTY. I request livestreams. now. <3
Shishiii~ you naughty lady you =//=
December 14th, 2013
I always come back around the holidays to see maybe if I get a surprise update. :[ Miss you and hope you have a good Christmas<3
October 18th, 2013
:/ Honestly if you guys would stop reading because of a plot change then perhaps it better if you weren't reading. To threaten an author with stupid things as 'omg im not reading cause this and that!' is bull. Shows do twists all the time and people still watch them. Its her story, and honestly I love either way it goes not for who sleeps with who. If you're just here to see the two characters 'sleep' together go read another smut-based comic and stop bashing her for her work.

In otherwords, keep up the great work love. Don't let these party-poopers get to you. I would still read, even if they ended up with women. <3
o: Reminds me of Persona 3/4. omgg. is he gonna be all pro and in a group?! mm..
Hello my lovee!<3 Welcome back, awesome page. -gives all the hugs-
Gabe x Atticus. unf.yep.

And pff. I'm stealing the present from Abel.
Ahah, you're still not a Jacob fan? You're so cute Shishi<3
Baha. Those two alone in a room isn't good. I'm surprised he doesn't bring out the dolls, since they seem to know what they were doing. :3

And baww. <3 You know I'd talk to you, I'm not that scary! I'd hope. *3*
Tehe, she is so cute though. ;;

But! I'll def. watch your life-streams and facebook. c: I even offered to talk to you over AIM/MSN. But I'm scary like that. booo~ o: