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my favourite anime is back
Niv i will fuckin end you
G, pls you're embarrassing
Tool tip: the comic will now close.

Thank you for your time.

Go away.
holy shit someone updated?, shit dog, also the shading on the pants seem unchanged
so should i or should i not stab him
my costume is the best one
Venco is Agent Venom, Sam is that one ghost from undertale, Vincent is the headless horseman, Sanctum is pineapple man, and Spot is in his hellhound form
i remember something like this in a dream
@Shard: @Snurple-the-Hedgehog:

Fuck you guys, my sash is way better
happy 4th of july you eagle loving fucks
man tim and met are fucking giants to be riding the deus like that
@Royle McCulloch: that comment with that icon work perfectly together
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: i think the entire fight might be drawn considering sprite limitation, Met
forgot Kaizuto was still a thing in this comic
fuckin rude, Niv
all thats missing is heavenly choir playing in the background