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I am barely here now a days, I sometimes update Letter 7 but like rare.
So Howly sent me a message
Met wanted someone to edit this picture and i said sure.
Dark, don't be a dirty fucking liar. I don't even like chinese food.
A response to Howly stealing my shit, i still need to mail him my fist.
Hey howly i hope you like a good ol' fashion gut punch because that's what you'll be getting for stealing my shit
@Shard: i'm smaller, how can i be an elf
fucking dwarves
Never leave his sheet open, he becomes weird after a while apperantly
my favourite anime is back
Niv i will fuckin end you
G, pls you're embarrassing
Tool tip: the comic will now close.

Thank you for your time.

Go away.
so should i or should i not stab him
my costume is the best one
Venco is Agent Venom, Sam is that one ghost from undertale, Vincent is the headless horseman, Sanctum is pineapple man, and Spot is in his hellhound form
i remember something like this in a dream