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Oh, god, I can't stop laughing. That was amazing. It didn't surprise me that he forgave Kuragi (he's good at reading people, after all), but the "I'm going to take back my forgiveness" killed me.

I loved this bittersweet scenes, where they're both trying to make amends but reluctant to give up their pride. I found it both funny and adorable. And your humour never fails to make me laugh out loud! (with the newest pages of One Rainy Day I couldn't stop laughing for like... an hour... I'm glad I was home alone).

I keep re-reading the story over and over again, mainly because everything works perfectly together. It's like a puzzle... though, is it just me or has your art style gotten even better? I can't put my finger on it, but I'm sure there's something that adds to the charm...

The relationship between these two must be one of my favourite relationships in the BL world... I think that if I had to choose a keyword for the comic as it is, it would be "bittersweet", because everything's like that... and perfectly balanced.

Am I even making any sense?
I remembered what I wanted to say.

And fans are so gonna get mad at me because of this xD

But I can understand Kuragi's point of view here. It's easy to understand and relate with Sai's point of view here, but Kuragi's also thinking about human lives... he's honestly worried about this pirate doing to another town the same thing they did to Sai's. The below-the-belt hit he said before wasn't to attack Sai or anything like that (he even looked guilty when he realized what he had said), I think it was something he had been thinking about.

He's the captain. Catching pirates it's his job. The decision wasn't easy, in fact, he was (and is) really stressed about it. He's deciding based on who-knows-what, but he must have his reasons to decide catching after the pirates before stopping for supplies.

I was about to drift to dreamland when I remembered all this xD sorry about the double comment.
@Cynxcity: Not shut up here, precisely. But bringing that kind of things up in that way in an argument isn't the best way to get the other person to change its mind.

I'm not saying he should say please and thank you. But there are ways and ways of saying the same kind of things with the same kind of effect.
I'm sorry, I keep replaying in my head Kuragi's words and I feel like crying and hitting him with a chair. "We are not going to talk about this anymore." Yeah, ok, but taking Sai's notebook away from him is saying "you won't talk anymore", he can't communicate! Can he even imagine how frustrating it must be for Sai not beeing able to talk, even if he can communicate? Does he even imagine what the damn notebook means to someone like that?

I'm sorry, I'm getting all worked up... hit too close to home. But Kuragi better make up for it, or I'll haunt him down! And no-one wants that!! >,>

They really need to work on their communication skills though .-.U Kuragi should learn to listen, and Sai should learn to both shut up and say things a little bit more nicely -,-Uu

Nevertheless, I love this page. The action and the drawings and the narrative and the movement and everything is wonderful.

The fourth panel is kind of heart-breaking (at least for me, with the mini rant I gave before.) Ugh. Kuragi, get some manners. WHO GREW UP? WHO'S THE ADULT HERE? (WHO'S EVOLVED?)

I should really stop quoting... now it's a night in the museum >,>U
Perfect? I'm sorry, but I'm laughing my ass off. He may come off as perfect because we're not living with him, but he reminds me of my little sister (who's almost 16...): too damn stubborn and not willing to listen to others, what's terribly irritating. Half-hearted responses, a lil' bit spoiled, childish, vindictive, and though he can't speak, he can't keep his mouth shut. That's not "perfect" traits, on the contrary! He's a teenager. He'd drive me mad, though I love him as a character.

I agree with @ChocoRess here. And she's right when she says it's too damn early to fully know a character.

There's a difference between beeing perfect as a character and beeing a perfect character.

And I should be studying for my finals, not analyzing your stories...

Moving on. I just don't know what to comment, because I can't found words to describe the awesomeness. I do the same thing as Sai when someone hits me below the belt (seriously, Kuragi? Think before you speak, you're the adult here...). The whole argument is amazing to show off character traits, it's extremely interesting. I'm sad Tuesday is about to end... I want more!

Kuragi's also a really good character. Someone may like him or dislike him as a person, but as a character he's great xP and I found him quite lovable when he's not beeing an ass >,> at least he's got Sai now to shove reality to his face.

I love your drawing and inking style~ Sai's hair is just so... asdfghjkl (can't think of intelligent words right now.) And I've said a million times, but... the expressions! They're priceless.

And something that I keep forgetting to comment: I love your backgrounds! They're usually enough to prevent the reader to wonder where the hell is all happening, but not too much as to distract the attention from the action.

And another something I keep noticing: your narrative was already very good, but it keeps improving! It's particularly stunning when I re-read the whole comics (it's like I'm putting together the puzzle pieces, it's very different from reading the individual update pages xP.)

I'm pretty sure I had something else to say... ugh, it'll come back. And I'll comment again.
@bluswordgrl: I, personally, didn't mean it as a criticism in the slightest. It was an opinion, how I saw it. It made me very upset to see Crimson so affected by it, because, as I said, the story is absolutely amazing and there's no reason to hate it. Mine was just an interpretation and I never said I disliked it. On the contrary: I said it amazed me, that her story is simply genius. I do believe that.

I do take what I say seriously, and I know that you're not talking only about me, but, can you tell me when did I say a nasty comment? Or when anybody did so? All I saw were interpretations, thoughts on the story. We all agree that Crimson's stories are fantastic, and none of us was beeing sarcastic.

Again: all we said were interpretations. Maybe not accurate, or what Crimson meant to say in the first place, but certainly a way to read it (and I think she agrees that's not something we're just making up from nowhere). Please tell me how can one be "more careful", because no matter how much I think about it, I don't see how can one be "more careful" when flattering or giving simply a view of things.

I think you're confusing us with people who take mistakes from stories, even little ones, and troll about them.

If I misunderstood you, please feel free to correct me.

And Crimson, please know we didn't mean to upset you. And I'm sorry for this comment that has nothing to do with the story ^^U
You think we're gonna give up on this story when you've got us all on the edge of the chair? You're insane, woman. Absolutely insane.

Aki is heartbreaking in this page. You're too good with expressions. I feel like hugging him but I know I shouldn't because it'd only make him to freak out worse. Too many emotions.

I loved Kaidou's expressions too, of course. They show all a spectrum of emotions: shock, guilt, disgust, anger. Even his body language speaks for itself. He's in the verge of collapse too. The last panel speaks for itself.

I loved how he reacted when it came to Aki: he wants to make him feel better, but knows that he should keep his distance.

I think the page portrays very nicely how Kaidou's feelings aren't just lust. He truly cares for Aki. Bad habits die hard. But we all need a breaking point, neh? When we say "I've got to breath, I can't keep going under" (... yes, that's an evanescence quote.)

Hard times ahead, but I'm sure they'll work it out~ be strong both of you!!
@Crimson Chains: (Gmail stucks all the mails in one so I didn't realize it when you answered me -,-U sorry!)

I'm glad you think my comments are insightful and you like them! =) I always try to leave something more than "cute", to show that I'm really enjoying the story and it really gets me thinking about it =)

Hiro's personality is really well-thought =) I love its development through the story, it's very realistic ^^
Taisuke's an underrated character >_> just look at his face when Hiro says he's his best friend! He's adorable! And he's seriously mad at that guy for not taking Hiro more seriously~ Reiji really seems like a curious little kid!!

I'm glad Hiro had the courage to explain the situation (it surprised me, I didn't expect him to :3), and Taisuke's reaction... I can't get over it, it was just too cute.

Hiro's reaction when Taisuke squeezes him is really funny and adorable~ I loved his expression.

(What happened to the "I'm lazy to comment"? I'm wondering that too. Oh, well. More comments for youu~ ^^)
@Crimson Chains

We started analyzing this story to such an extent xD look at what you did! (?)

I think what they've come to is an inevitable consequence of how their lives went. I'm looking forward to see how they solve this, because both their feelings are honest. They just have to express them in a more healthy way, and that's going to be the great challenge here.

I feel like I didn't make that point clear, so sorry for the double comment ^^U

By the way, don't worry about the turn your story took. You shouldn't hate it. The way you portrayed the whole situation is actually very interesting, even if it was unconciously. Maybe you'd now prefer to inform yourself a bit (as you seem so insecure about the whole thing), but I sincerely hope you get past the initial shock and realize that this story is actually pretty good and shows a very good possibility of transforming this situation into a positive one, specially because we knew Kaidou's background before we realized all this and it's clear that his feelings are real.

Don't blame yourself, either. You just have a good understanding of human nature. Two people with backgrounds like theirs beeing a couple are most likely to fall into an abusive relationship.

Maybe I sound a little full of myself, but I've overcome an abusive relationship (with my father, but either way...) and seen my mother overcome it too, even after 15 years of it, so if you feel insecure about how to portray it you may ask me anything you'd like to know.

I'm sorry you feel so bad about your story — that wasn't my intention AT ALL. I actually think the story is amazing, not crap. I really like it. I'm so sorry for making you feel that way.

You're not a bad writer either. Don't even dare to think such a thing!! I wasn't lying when I told you you are my favourite author. I feel like I can't express my thoughts right, but it's really an amazing story. All of your stories are. I know it's frustrating when a story doesn't turn out the way you'd like it to, but that doesn't mean it's any less good!
I have to agree with @Izzi allens here. When I re-read it the other day the thought that creeped into my mind was that of an abusive relationship, and it's interesting the portrayal you're making. Dunno if you meant it to be that way or if it just turned out like that, but I'm going to rant a little bit because it suddenly all makes sense to me xD

It's not that any of them planned the relationship to go that way (obviously), but their respective pasts are catching up to them. Aki is used to beeing abused (he was even abandoned, damn it), and Kaidou, beeing a bodyguard and an ex-delinquent, is used to rough antics. This scene showed it in such an amazing way that I'm still in awe/shock/whatever the hell this is (I just keep repeating how amazing everything is).

What amazed me the most was that, before this, there were very subtle hints of this whole situation that, alone, didn't seem to mean that much. But the whole portrayal of an abusing relationship is actually there. You even let both pasts be known before doing such a revealing scene, so one can fully understand what made them both get into this and how they arrived here (feeling that's new for me, even if the abuse situation isn't... the way things were planned out is waaay too great for my poor brain, I think it's collapsing).

Again: I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, if it was a fortunate accident or it was meant to be this way. I'm just blabbering ^^U

This page was really powerful, and I was surprised that Kaidou was, at first, so leanient about his own behaviour (even cleaning his hands so... rutin-like.) But then it struck me (or I put all the pieces of information that were given before together.)

I'm sorry if I make no sense or I repeat myself too much, it's just that... it's genius. I can't wait to see how all this is going to turn out.

Just... genius.

P.D.: Abusers aren't only "overprotective". They make you feel special, they take advantage of low self-esteem but great potential and they make you feel like the only way you can be happy or you'll feel appreciated is by beeing with them. They're "angels" sent to help you and if they do something wrong or you feel miserable it's your own fault. They don't say it all the time— your own self-esteem issues will take care of that.

Sorry for the rant. Sensitive subject here ^^U

Again... genius.
Hohoho~ this is gonna be good!! The fact that the only one Hiro had a relationship with is Taisuke didn't help AT ALL. It made Taisuke feel too secure about Hiro (like he was always going to be around, he didn't have anyone else to go to — as bad as it sounds). But we've seen some of Taisuke's possesiveness before (with... eh... I was going to say some examples, but it's with absolutely everyone that came near Hiro...)

Now he better snaps out of whatever wrong idea he has in his head or he'll have no right to complain about Hiro spending time with Reiji~

(I just realized this is the story I comment the most on... But I read all of them and I'm waiting anxiously for the continuation of every single one of them >,> [in fact, One Rainy Day was the reason why I joined Smackjeeves :3])
@Crimson Chains: (OMG, such a long answer!! I love you!!)

Actually your answers were the reason why I dared to leave comments in the first place =) you are always very nice and give thoughtful, funny and cute answers, so it's always a likable experience to comment on your comics~

And sorry xD it's just the truth! Not my fault if you're awesome ;)

Why would you fear the comments I'd leave if I was in a bad mood? Am I scary? XDU

Ugh, I understand the issue with powerful females .-.U but Aria is the perfect example of a well-balanced character. And it adds diversity to the cast~ (ugh, women in yaois are always tricky... they're usually portrayed as bitches only for beeing a woman... but, someone has to be first to break the stereotype xP)
I love the fact that Taisuke's wing is always around Hiro when he's near. Even if Taisuke doesn't want to admit his feelings for Hiro, his body language betrays him. The wings are the most clear example, but there's always something~

And of course Hiro wouldn't keep his promise. It just gets more and more complicated to guess how the hell will this figure itself out (if it does.)

I just scared myself... I DEMAND a happy ending, got it? >,>

BTW, I'm curious, how old was Hiro when he was gotten into the tower? How long was it before he met Taisuke? As they're angels and demons I'm not sure how to guess, I'm not sure if they develop as humans ^^U (sorry, too many questions?)
I was seriously trying to control how much I was going to spam you... but I have to say it: reading this scene takes me back to what Hiro thought when Taisuke gave him the book in the tower, that he hated that side of Taisuke because they were acts of kindness, not love. Here one gets to know that Taisuke isn't kind (really kind) to just anyone. What I found endearing.
This page made me go all "awww" and fangirly and it was heart-warming. It shows both their sixteen-years friendship and the romantic undertone of it (Taisuke may or may not like it, but he can't deny it, dammit!) It's awesomely (is that a word?) cute.

And I'll spam you with a personal theory that you may laugh at if you want to xD but I feel like Taisuke knows up to some point what his feelings for Hiro are. Maybe he tricked himself in thinking that those feelings are just normal friendship feelings, but deep down he knows they aren't ("it seemed like you were hungry"? really? Think of a better excuse, Taisuke... you lose control far too easily near Hiro.) It makes him kind of adorable when scenes like the one I kind-of-quoted appear xP

(I'm really sorry for the comment spam .-.U feel free to tell me if I get annoying ^^U)
(Remember that I said I was lazy to comment? Let's pretend tonight that it didn't happen...)

I loved the fact that Hiro's wings were clearly different than those from Taisuke or Aria. They don't only show that he's not an angel, but also that he's not just some random demon: he's the damn prince of hell. And it shows. That's what, for me, made Hiro's wings so mind-blowing. I was used to easily forgetting he's a demon, or just let it slip, but here you can't deny it~ I LOVE IT.

And his adorable, embarrased reaction as a contrast made this page even more powerful. I think it shows the basics of Hiro's character (though I may be wrong.)
I'm in a chatty mood tonight. Hope you don't mind (specially because I like to analyze your stories waaaay too much.)

I immediately knew I was gonna love Aria with the third panel. The fact that she didn't let Hiro's name just slip and actually treated him as he was any other person was lovable. She acted very realistically in the whole scene what made her very believable. Her aura of authority is charming xP

(I'm gonna keep commenting, I'm in a good mood and your answers always put a smile on my face, you're adorable~ [and one of my favourite authors ;D])
I've re-read this a lot of times (as well as your other stories xP) and everytime I read this part I love the fact that Taisuke doesn't immediately tell Haruko to go fuck herself (sorry xD), but he understands why she's scared and tries to talk her into giving Hiro a chance first.

Sorry for the random comment xD the scene summed a lot of points for Taisuke when I read it for the first time, so today I was like "screw it, I'm gonna tell her no matter how long ago she posted this xD".

(And $%&@, Hiro's not an "it" ò.ó)
I've got this idea that he'll tell him to ask Hiro about it xD ("didn't you say you were his best friend?" xP)

I love Hiro's expression/reaction/everything in the last panel.

I liked Ryo's explanation... it's kind of funny and reasonable that heaven relies so much on holy power that doesn't stop to think "what if."

And I love it when you draw little panels with stick figures xD they're adorable. And Ryo's fun... I hope he stays around for a while, I'll miss him when he's gone xP