Hi! I am an Illustrator/designer professionally, (Visit me at ) but the work I do there is very different to my secret love of comic making.

I have been writing a story - The story of Genii, for around five years now and decided to try presenting it to the world as a Graphic novel last year. Genii is my baby, as far as putting my all into it goes and I never plan on letting this project/obsession fade away into nothing. :)

Apologies if the style is all over the place, but I do like to experiment and try new things.

Feel free to ask me questions etc. I am more than happy to discuss both my own and others work.
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@ImmortalDreams: Thank you :-D Another few pages on the way shortly!
@Aamon: Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I don't seem to get notified by these comments. I only have the comic online here. :) And yes, you are right about his appearance on p23.
Sorry for the lack of updates. My spare time is taken up with wedding prep for next month. ;-)

Enjoy the new page!
Sorry it's not coloured yet. ;-)
Such a beautiful comic!
March 5th, 2014
Oh no! :-O
Your facial expressions are just perfect. Love the angry one on this guy. Really enjoying so far. :)
I love all the costume designs. :)
Really enjoying this so far. :)
Sorry it's another sketchy dark page. ;-)
@HABE: Hey thanks! :) I should really go back to the first few pages, but I'm too eager to move on. :D
Are you guys ready for another chapter?
Look but don't touch... they should have put a note up really.
@Black Collar: Thank you! :) Sorry for the
loooong wait for a new page. heh
It's been a while since I popped by. And wow! Thanks guys for adding Genii to your favourites. And for your comments also! :) It really means a lot to me.

I think I will try to upload a new page at least once a week. Feel free to poke me if I fail at this. ;)

- Jenni
@Conwant: Thank you. :) It's really nice to hear that. Sorry it's taking a while for updates. >__< I am hard at work over at A bit different to my Genii work, but it pays the bills so often gets put first.
@Falconer: Yes I would curl up in a corner somewhere and weep.
Go on Gen... touch it! I dare ya...