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I got a question for Knuckles.

Are you still looking for the Master Emerald I threw off Angel Island earlier? If so, I just want to say that a robotic chicken picked it up, and is running off with it.
I can't help but want to ask Silver two questions...

Q:"Were you standing on Tails?
If not, What was it that made Sonic chase you?"
@Daniel Sokolov: You just took that question just say that didn't you?
All that took to make him do that was a measly marshmellow?!
That's going to hurt in the morning!
@Daniel Sokolov: What makes your response funny is that he isn't in the huge group panels either...
@Anyone who cares enough...

Q:"Has any of you noticed someone missing? Someone yellow, and has two(Hint Hint!) TAILS?"
Question for Tails.

Q:"Wouldn't it be better if you had some help with Super Sonic than fighting him yourself, Mostly because he only needs to use his arm to stab you in the chest?"
I got something I was wanting to ask to... Well, Anyone who would be best for asking this question.

Q:"What would happen if zombies invade the world and everyone but all of you guys,- (All of you we ask questions too...) -and Sonic was normal again?"
I REGRET NOTHING! *Dodge's brick.*
Hm, For some reason upon seeing that Knuckles is gonna answer question's again give me the feeling something bad may happen to me once he read's mine...
@Daniel Sokolov: Then here's my first one of the mess around with the Sonic Character's, and also another question for a different character.
Question is Q.
Mess Around is MA.
Mighty,Q:"Who do you think has a good chance at beating you in a fight?"
Knuckles,MA:"I just threw the Master Emerald off the edge of Angel Island and into the ocean!"
*Run's from Knuckles Rage.*
So,For example if I (Not in panel I mean.) threw a brick at Vector, Would you make that happen?
@Daniel Sokolov: I got a small question for you, Are we allowed to mess with the character's without it being a question?
Well, This a bit of a reverse for this comic, So I will help by giving another question.
Q:"Are you really willing to fight Fleetway Sonic? (He's the crazy Super Sonic)"
I got two question's for Tails.
Q:"Are you still alive, and are you gonna keep trying to help Sonic?"
Well, He isn't gonna be much help anytime soon...
I have a question for Scourge.

Q:'How do you feel after getting a "Overkill" beating?'
This isn't gonna end well...