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Not useing smackjeevees anymore due to their updates.

Find me here for my art VVVVVV


pfffff- derpy professer ewe
Heh, Mina needs to calm down there .w.;;
That would be pretty creepy to see him just turn around and have scary big red eyes like that o3o'
Chubby Eevee XD I see..A Kakuna in the background in one of those last pannels there?...

it's so tiny XD
ROFL x3 that was funny XD
Lol messy room :P And i thought my room way messy... XD
Oh noes! Well i hope her landing goes well :/
And.. A wild Buneary appeard! hurray!! :D
@stormcasterc: lol see! someone agrees with me :D
oh noes O: He's gunna throw her off the cliff! D: nuuu!!!
Pfft! lol fail in that last pannel XD
Ohs! A red shiny gem thingy!!! it's warm and shiny!! hooray!!
Hmm Ghost Trick?... never herd of it :/
Lol sorry I feel so stupid XD hehe ^^;

anyways that sucks :/ Maybe you can save up for your own laptop and get a good one for art! I got my own laptop after my brother totally crashed the computer ^^;
Oh noes!!! I don't know dive!... WERE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMED!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol her face in the last pannel XD
This is turning out good so far.. :3
Guys stop it -_-
Seriously people, stop bugging her to update -_- Look at the date on the last time the comic updated, 3 years AGO! Umm I don't think the comic is going to update so please stop buggung her and move on already you probley annoyed her enough because of you begging her to make an update -.-