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I appreciate you telling us that you finished the comic, and I love how you talked about personal growth. I'm really sad to see this end, I'll admit, I'll miss reading about someone I can empathize with a lot in many ways- but I'm glad that you feel you're done with this comic. I wish you and your baby raising adventures the best, and I hope your family, your friends, all your loved ones get the best of life.
Hah, you're such a doting guardian over Joshua. He's super cute! I didn't know you had a tumblr, either.

Joshua is such a cute baby.
It must be scary learning to take care of Joshua, but at least you have a lot of family to help with it. I wish you all the best of luck, and I'm sure Joshua will grow up happy in a house filled with love.
What you're doing will definitely help Joshua feel wanted in this world. You must be really tired with all that's going on, so I hope you can rest up.
I'm sorry that you and Bernard are going through this. Take care of yourself, and I hope you're doing all right. It's okay to be stressed over this and feel like you're not doing anything right, but that's okay, you weren't prepared, and this is definitely a situation no one could be prepared for.
Get better soon! And Joshua is really cute.
Yikes about the PPD. It happens, and there's no good way to prevent it. I hope you, Bernard, Mai, and Joshua are okay.

If you're worried about rolling over Joshua at night, maybe try a crib in the same room with you? Or maybe even every other night, so you can lessen your worries even slightly.
@daviddoesntgetit: Yeah, I don't get it. They also don't say that till I reveal I'm not really interested in romance or sex. And on your response to NumberSix, I agree. It's a difference between being ignorant of something, and willfully ignoring what people say. I think you put it pretty well into the comic, and didn't seem like you were freaking out about it.
Man, I know that feeling. I try to hang out with some guys as friends, and I've said multiple times I've asexual and generally unattracted to pretty much everyone romantically, but I still get the whole- you're totes into me and my bod rite? thing. AND THE COLD THING. Uggggh.
Congrats! I'm sure your brother and sister-in-law will be great parents, and you the fun uncle who lives with them. :D
You guys are so close, I can understand all the crying. And the not being home alone thing. That's super exciting with the baby coming soon. How long is it now?
Yikes, seems like complicated seating arrangements. Was Bernard's wedding complicated with similar seating arrangements?

Congrats to Connor! He must be happy to be done with school for now!
It sounds like you really needed that day off! I hope the food was good, and that you enjoy the days with your siblings. That's exciting with moving in with Bernard, the baby's due soon, right?
Yeah, I don't assume anyone's religious or not religious anymore. People have different beliefs and all that, hell, I don't even know what I believe.

I've never really gotten the whole saint name thing when getting confirmed, is there any specific names you're supposed to choose? Just biblical names? Why do it?
@daviddoesntgetit: sorry, what's a wipe? I know pretty much nothing about post production work.

Is it possible, right after work or something, you just head out and do something you like, by yourself? Like walking in a park, museum, conservatory, whatever? That way probably no one you know will show up, but they can still contact you by phone.
You never watched Star Wars? Whaaat. What did you think?

Maybe you should take a day or two to relax? You sound kind of stressed. It really sounds like you're not having a good time, and I hope it gets better.
Ah, food poisoning and arguing. I hope you feel better soon, I remember you mentioning that it's supposed to be a bad year for your zodiac sign. It's hard when someone who's big in your life and you are arguing, especially when it gets personal like that.
That's great that you two came to an understanding. It's hard to find that line of helping others, and helping them, well, too much.
Wait, I'm confused. Your friend says you didn't drink anything, but you were drunk? Was he covering for you, or are you sneaky about it?

Haha, poor Brad. Why do you find being drunk annoying?
I know exactly what you meant as a kid. Cough medicine made my throat feel really prickly, and not just from how my throat hurt. I still put off drinking cough medicine. Oh, I poured it into the little cup. I'll drink it. Just... give me a minute. An hour at most, I swear.

Pshaw, how dare your family not attend to you. Make sure you cough extra in their direction for it.

How long have you been sick, if Brad's already gotten over it?