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Greeting for the UK!

My comics:
Ryan the Hedgehog

My co-author comics:
Shadowed Love
142: Sharks Showdown
Comment and Rate 5* please :)
141: Ambushed
You know the drill :)

Comment, rate 5* etc :3
140: Up, down and all around...Again
You know what to do...
Comment and 5* please :3
139: Pipeline
Part two of the comics that I forgot to upload before I became busy with life |3

I'm suprised people are still keeping their eyes on this O.o
138: Still staying Up
YAWWWWWN! Sorry about the almost year wait, I forgot to set my alarm

I forgot that I still had pics left over to submit

And who knows? Maybe I'll get back to continuing the story as well...Maybe...Don't know...|3
Sorry, it's just been problem after destraction after lazyness
137: Staying Up
I've updated! -Le gasp-

Sorry about the weeks of no show, I've been busy with Uni work/Wii, I'll try to update when I can, and hopefully I can return to normal updating about 16th December, a good two days after all my Uni Work deadlines.

In Wii news, I've completely cleaned out Super Mario Galaxy, all 242 stars in 5 days :3 -Proud- ^.^

Anywho, Rate 5*, fave and comment please :3
Sorry, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy right now ><
You must feel so dirty from doing it
November 11th, 2007
He would be one of thoes people who think the Weighted Companion Cube can talk
136: Going up
Yes! I updated!

Fave, comment and rate 5* :3
135: Nice View
Happy Halloween! Comment, rate 5* and Fav please :3
134: Progress
It's getting hard to make comics when the universe is under threat from phazon corruption and you got to rescue a pirate princess using an hourglass...

Rate 5*, comment and fave please :3
133: Close Call
Comment, rate 5* and fave :3
This comic will explain everything
132: Wall of Doom
*Indiana Jones theme here*

Comment, rate 5 and fave please :3
131: A Moment of Reflection
Rate 5*, comment and fave :3
130: Pressure Rising
The plot is ever thickening...

Comment, rate 5* and fave :3
129: Hidden Power
It's getting harder and harder to find time to update...What with Uni taking up loads of time

Fave, comment and rate 5* please!
128: Violet's Shadow Showdown
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a bit busy with everything

Comment, rate 5* and fave please! :3

Oh yeah, Sonic's in Brawl