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Gold Snake
Hello everyone. I'm Gold Snake but call me Jt. I'am new to making webcomics due to my age but I certain that I'll make so good comic but I don't know how to make a comic strip, so if you guys can help me I will be thankful. I have a wiki called Comic Nintendo Wiki and my wiki user name is Golden Manda.
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Wish this comic would contuine(mispelled)
Third panel LOL!
Lumnili: Thanks.
Gold Crow: I agree
King Dedede:20-80
Meta Knight:20-90
Lumnili: Thats okay. But I'm making a webcomic that... well. I'm new to making webomics so it possibly if you can find someone to help me
I wish I had a cameo appearance but I'm new to making webcomic so I possibly of you think about it.
Dang it! I thought Meta Knight would appeared.
Super Mario Bros. Z momnet
From episode 6 Brawl on Vanishing Island.
Red: Its over 9000!!!!!!
Yellow: What!!!!? 9000!!!!!?
My favorite SSBB Characters are Sonic, Kirby, Pokemon Trainer, Jigglypuff and Luigi.
I think Birdo is a girl due that Birdo wears a ribbon on its head and poses like a girl
How sell your own brothers into slavery?!!!
Cameos characters
If you put another Cameos characters of other users. They'll appear on some chapters to fight or help the main characters.
Birthday party
If this happen at his party. it will go like this.
*At Peach Castle*
Peach: Mario. Make a wish!
Mario:* about to blow the candle*
Bowser: Do it already!!!
Luigi: Mario!! About the candles I got for u...
*cake explodes in Mario and Bowser's face*
Mario and Bowser: .............
Mario: LUIGIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
Luigi: Wait!! We can talk this out!!! *Runs away*
Bowser: Get him!!!!
*Koopas, Hammer Bros. and Goomba run after Luigi and Mario kills him with golden hammer!!!!!!*
That person, Gatemaster just bought Kirby's trust with pie. Only people with food problems do that like Pikmin, Starfy and Zatch Bell(he not from Nintendo but he has a food problem with fish). I'm not saying anything bad about Gatemaster.
This comic is improving by sprites
Some people have comics to have users Cameos in it
Get sliced in half. One hell of an attack!!!
Its been two years since you didn't do this comic. When is it going to go on!!!?