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Formerly Bobcheese400. Now using my real name. Why? Why not.
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Shadow is so polite :3
-insert Sonic CD time jump effect-
You have no idea how glad I am that a sprite sheet of Finitevus now exists on Spriters Resource, deebs is the darn best I swear
This comic originally had much more effects... but an error in photoshop means it erased alllll of it... AS I was hitting the save button too. I couldnae be bothered to do it again so... whoop
Fun fact, those Mecha Madness style sprites... Not good for fight scenes, thus the treatment theyre getting. Whoops
Fun fact, I did use a couple different, though similar Tekno sprites behind that wall.... its jsut it all ended up obscured anyway.
Eh I couldnt think of a good title
The real super power of teamwork
Maybe he's a little out there
Wake up, Robotniks in the hizouse
That boy is bad news I tell you what
Man's just trying to free an evil super weapon. No need to go all alarm on him.
Wait there's a METAL Sonic now? What'll be next, Metal Mario? Pah!
@Tomcat_X: I found Shade on Deviantart. By a user named sonicnews. I had to clean up a few sprites, it feels like at one point it was saved as a JPEG in it's lifetime
Lets not lie. That last one was weird.