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Daniel Sokolov
Some Gendered Confused butt.

Formerly Bobcheese400. Now using my real name. Why? Why not.
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Yeah annoying when i uploaded it, it just kinda uploaded twice. I havent been on my laptop since, and as far as I can tell, phone browser cannot manage comics.
I struggled with this one, and there's not even a good reason why, but finally, done.
This sounds just downright unpleasant
Hell yeah, let's get Norski
What a fine bunch of people
Antione the... Brave!?
He's run out of his usual supply
Getcha sawnik vouchers
Took a rando week off, but back now!
A trio fights over a Princess! gasp!
Whoops super late wah
Another late one, but it's the end of the Chapter! See ya next week, for Soleanna!