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Daniel Sokolov
Some Gendered Confused butt.

Formerly Bobcheese400. Now using my real name. Why? Why not.
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Zip Zap, back in time we go.
Hey fun fact, there is now a third comic set in this lore, starring Sally and the Gang
The Zonerunners!
Also from now on if a previous comic page is referenced, I shall try link to said page here.
Mogul and Naugus Teaming Up
Naugus' First Time Down the Pit
Chaos Leaving Angel Island
Another threat approaches!

Also, there is now a part 3 to this series. First there was SOnic Universe Legacy, then EGGMAN Universe Legacy!
And now The Zonerunners!
A comic starring the residents of Knothole and the rest of the West Side Islands. Come see Sally Acorn take on fights Team Sonic won'y see
The third comic of the Universe series begin. To see the other two, check out the links on the left of the web page
This page was a nightmare, and I don't even know why. It wasn't a scriptually or specially effectally a challenge, just... rough to do?
Double Update, check back a page to see the other answer.

no YOU took 5 years to answer a question
Who are these goofs?
Oh hey, this third comic chould probably get an update every now and again huh
Man, six panels, I remember when this was my norm instead of a lucky short one.