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Daniel Sokolov
Some Gendered Confused butt.

Formerly Bobcheese400. Now using my real name. Why? Why not.
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Big Dio Maddin energy
Isolde was a treasure hunter, Sahra was a bored girl who wanted adventure, both got to their goals, but lost all their freedom in exchange at the hands of Willow, the Witchy Itchy Butt of a person.
Best friends, and one couple, Isiah is back, showing mostly skin now, but less. His wife Emily, and their bestie, Swamp Girl sometimes pose with him for fun
The most dangerous gang in the city of Atlentica.
Donald Carlos, the Panda, is the mob boss, but in secret, most the world only knows him as the mayor against gang crime.
Viktor, again, as the torturer for the group.
And Daisy, the big beefy woman, in more ways than one, HA. She's the legbreaker, but she may be redeemable... maybe.
Samael the 4 armed naga chef (Usually more dressed)
Samantha the Snail Babysitter (Needs a redesign) and Ash her wasp assistant
James the Ferry Captain, and his wife, the ninja, Elyssa
Havitama was the devourer of all, it gained "intelligence" and became a dumb pleasant hobo.
Eventually, the devourer will return, with the added sentience of Dani, bad times will be had.
We like Dani here.
Two Ancient creations of Vikhama. Dani was once Havitama, a shapeshifting immortal devourer. She gained intelligence and compassion. Kaos is a mass produced person, Vikhama creates her with ease, and uses her as a host to keep himself alive.
Kaos was built to create her namesake, just act in a chaotic nature, to hopefully generate enough hate in the world to bring Vikhama back into power. Dani wants to stop that.
There is a lot of bloodshed between them, Dani can't die, but can take a hell of a mashing, Kaos CAN die, but Vikhama brings her back. So much fighting between the pair, a new feeling generated. Now depending on the mood, they either wanna crush each others skulls, or cuddle... they're weird
Superheroes are a celebrated part of Law Enforcement. They're charismatic, themed, people love them over the uniformed bunch. Of course, not all of them are legal, like Zephyr, or Fillepitra, the clown, those are vigilantes, less loved.
Turns out, many people.
KoA and Kate used to be besties, even have minor crushes on each other... Now one thinks KoA tried kill her, and the other thinks they succeeded.
Was genuinely planning on finding your normal site to read the rest before I saw this (I still plan on doing so)
Flex on em!
Swamp Girl is real simple. She's a mute bog monster who likes to hang out with people. She may be secreting some sorta skin drying moisture, and she may be super tired, but she;'s chill to hang with. She owns a gun, and really likes smoking, normal cigarettes sometimes, but weed is where it is at.
The personification of hate. The first ever evil person in Thernia. WAY back when people were new to the world, the beast appeared, and spread his negativity everywhere.
People had only been around a century or so, and while theyve had troublemakers, they didn't expect to deal with evil incaranate. Over the next ages, the Thernian race had to rapidly adapt and evolve to combat Hate across the globe, each region having their own name for him. Through his rotting muscle, they saw green, he was so in touch with magic, it seeped into his bones (Fun fact, pure magic is green, thoguh rarely seen unless you go to the source of magic itself due to it mixing with the chemicals in the air.)
Vikhama was a master of magic, inventing his own variation, creatively called "Dark Magic", or "Black Magic" by magic scholars. While most use of magic in the world basically channel the magic and change it's form for use (IE, converting it into a fire ball), it rereleases the magic back into the air, a constant recycling. Black Magic however burns through it, draning every bit of magic uses to increase the power, leaving behind a black tar-like goop which dissolves entirely, no magic reused. Through this enhanced magic Vikhama created life, monsters of all shapes and sizes. His main two known creations were Kaos, a mass produced Thernian that thrived for it's namesake, utter chaos, and Havitama, the only true immortal creature, that only existed to devour all.
Even after his defeat, he still remains to this day, too weak to appear as more than a black cloud, but if he managed to get into someone TRULY full of hate, he'd be able to take complete control of their body and return fully.
He is currently attached to the very last Kaos, spending the last of his magic on it, if they die, and he cannot find a willing host, he will die too.
Isiah Cake is the constant moneyflow of his household, he gets regular jobs doing prostitute things. But Emily Pie, she is the big money maker, as a treasure hunter, she roams old tombs, temples, crypts, etc. All for treasure to sell for big cash prizes. She tends to go for cursed temples, because they pay better due to the risk. Why does she take those jobs so willingly? Because Isiah specialises in Anti-Curse magic, which he learned as a slave in his youth. So even if she does (and she usually does) get cursed, he is there to remove it when she gets home (or on rare occasions, he has to travel to her).
They love each other a lot, and when home she does indulge in his hobby of posing for cameras, usually acting as the censor.
Isiah Cake, popular prostitute! He has a god damn resume on this shit. He also likes posing in front of a camera, it helps his image. While not working, he lounges around home doing typical cat things. Lying down mostly.
Sometimes you need a guy who specialises in torture. Viktor is your man. Whether it's mastery over illusions to cause mentyal anguish, just straight up stabbing people with a knife, or something in between, he'll get the info you want. He is currently got an exclusivity deal with one of the head mob bosses in the city of Atlentica, whoeveer that mystery man may be. Coming fro mthe country of Bluridge to North Tyius means he is known for his "posher" accent.
Also god help you if you were an ex of his, he holds an eternal grudge and will haunt you for free. Jakob knows this well.
A demon horse! Waiter at his boyfriends coffee shop. He likes showing off his abs, so he wears nothing but croptops.
When picking his themes power, he went frog themed, because "Frogs are rad." As such he has the ability to enhance his jumps, and a prehensile, extendable tongue, because why not.