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@TimeSceo: Yeah sure go for it!
Yeah, and that's probably not even all of them
(Also Super Sonic is still within Sonic, I jsut seperated them for this page alone)
Noone at all around. At all.
Sorry about the hiatus, after starting this, my computer had a huge meltdown, resulting in my rebooting it.
From there I've had nno luck getting Paint.NET to work
Buuut now I have photoshop so, upgrade!
(yes I really couldnt update because of ONE effect in this comic)
Thinking of doing one of these each chapter
Explain whatever might not be mentioned in the comic itself
Backstories for that comic I never actually finished but made this sequel for BD
Thats right, rebootz
Did a big rewrite of the plans for my comics, and realised "Hey this kinda changes everything ever"
By the way, wanna check out the comics these asks are based off?
Sonic Universe - Legacy is the main comic, a story where after Dr. Robotnik is defeated once and for all, Snively acts on desperation and brings a new Robotnik from another world to cause chaos

Eggman Universe - Legacy is the story from the Eggman Empire's point of view, what do they get up to when NOT fighting Sonic and the whatnot (Set AFTER chapter 1 one of Sonic Universe)
Double Update, don't forget to go back and see the last page of chapter 1, and the announcement
Eggman Universe - Legacy can be found here! http://eggmanuniverselegacy.smackjeeves.com/comics/2450835/1-1-prison-island/
Eggman and Sonic's stories are split into seperate comics to keep the flow going smoothly now. Hope yall enjoy the ride for the upcoming chapters.
Welcome to Eggman Universe - Legacy, spin-off to Sonic Universe - Legacy, starring the Eggman Empire
Sonic's story can be found here http://sonicuniverselegacy.smackjeeves.com/comics/2041423/zone-1-chaos/
Oh man, rewrites galore. I've COMPLETELY redone the entire script. It will no longer be a loose adaptation of the games, in game order. Rather, a big melding pot of ideas and concepts to create my own story. I'm gonna have more fun with this
@Hyper Shadow: Almost? It WAS over 3 years ago.
I am super efficient
I look away a minute and nearly a year has passed what
guess who had a comic ready for a year and forgot to add text to it and upload it

this guyyyyy

(Listen, I'm a working man, give me some slack)
Turn your Gloom, into a Doom, when things go Boom.
The best of friends.
Super even.
Like, god damn if a lonely person hears how great of friends we are.
Would suck to be them.
Wouldn't suck to be us though, friends.
(best of friends)