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I'm often asked if I'm in the same world as everyone else. I always answer, "Rarely."
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    Derek Croston
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I should have given someone hairy nipples.
when in doubt, rock out
DJ has a small head, but an awesome chain.
September 9th, 2006
You'll be getting my money next week.
I like the story so far. I'll fav it so I can keep reading.
pfft, ozzfest.I'm going to see disturbed, the deftones, and korn next week
Tacos are better.

But nothing will ever beat a good stawberry.
There's nothing like a nice break in the fourth wall. Or is it the third here.
I think it works.
I have always wanted to dress up in cosplay.
Oh God, I wish some one would ask me that.
I used to get days like that one. I got lucky. I found mine in costa rica. She lives in Kansas and I live in Ohio.
wow! That is really funny.
I do that! You just earned your place amongst my favs.
That's really good. Never thought I'd find a comic like this with myspace.
love it
This is my favorite comic of yours to date.
I want a paco shirt. You should make one a cafepress or something.
this joke has been done before, BUT it wasn't obvious this time.
holy butt kicking Paco, Batman