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James Mascia is a writer and author of a YA novel series called High School Heroes. He has also created a webcomic to go with this series.
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This is the end of Chapter 5. We will be taking a break on the comic for a little bit. We have some pages for Chapter 6, but not enough to go full throttle on it just yet. We will be back soon though, just hang tight.
Yeah, the classics sometimes work best.
200 pages!!! Woohoo!
@Almightyra: You're obviously not a parent.
OKay everyone... this is the end of chapter 4. I will be taking a short break while I get some more pages done (plus I'm working on another comic based on the stories of Edgar Allan Poe that is in need of my attention), so don't look for any updates next week. We will likely start up again on March 25th.

I hope you're all enjoying the story so far. We are a little less than halfway through at this point.
@babyoshiduck: Not a new author. A new artist.
@Almightyra: Yes, you, the audience knows. However, Christine does not. She's discovering this for the first time.
@super chao: The artist I had working on this comic previously disappeared off the face of the earth. That's why it took me a couple weeks to update again. Now we have a new artist. So, I'm sorry we had a change in style, but comics do this all the time. I promise, the story is going to be just as good.
@SkyWithFluffyclouds: That's the idea.
@Mangagirl: THe next update will be Monday. I'll be posting Monday-Thursday this coming week.
@Almightyra: Because he's going to be persistent in his efforts to make Christine a superhero.
@vdtitian: The artwork on the banner I had made as a prize for winning a webcomic contest. For the print versions of this comic, those images actually appear on the covers, so I saw no reason not to have it here too.

I'm very glad you're enjoying the comic. Keep reading!
150 pages and still going strong. Thanks for all those who've been reading. I hope you continue to enjoy.
Hey all... just wanted to say I hope you're all enjoying the comic. I'm going to take the weekend off, but we'll be back on Monday with the beginning of a new chapter. Trust me, this next chapter is one you don't want to miss.

If you have the time this weekend though, look at my new project, The Poe Murders. Here's the link:
@Expllo: Well... all the parts that were scratched fell off.
@super chao: Yes, it is more like rape. Also, Bruce has no power... he's just a giant dumbass. Also, Savanah's powers have only just emerged, she didn't know she could do what she did, otherwise she would have stopped him then.
Hey, I'm glad you guys all are enjoying the comic. We've got 2 more pages for this brief story and then we're back to Christine starting December 3rd.

If you like this one that much, I'm trying to raise some money for my next project - The Poe Murders. Check it out on Indiegogo.
@SkyWithFluffyclouds: Now come on! You didn't actually think I was going to let him get away with it did you?
Chapter 3.5
This is a little interlude from the main story. It's only 16 pages, and it's told from Savanah's point of view. It occurs sometime after the events in Chapter 3.
@Almightyra: That's kind of the point. On outward appearances he is a very good teacher. It's only when you are able to hear what he's thinking that you discover how horrible he is.