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Worst page in the comic, hate them together.
Guess Ima just casually unfave.

Nonetheless good work with keeping up with posting :)
I hope nothing's gonna happen between them, I really don't ship them at all xD. Like them as friends but romantically logan would be so good with brian, haha
@iiya: and there he thought not so long ago, that he was over it xD
@SomiJuli: why not both xD?
aww, no. It was so good when they were alone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is my favourite comic, i hope you'll keep up those awesome updates!
he's enjoying the view of logan putting stuff in his mouth
she wont take him but someone else will try to
February 26th, 2015
holy shit he looks hot
Noooooooo, what a clif hanger god damnit xd
I hope Sasuke's gonnaa flirt with that Shiro guy and Narutos going to be jelly xD
December 23rd, 2014
wow, this guy is huge
Sasuke's looking so good, I love his outfit *.*

Man, da faq, i kinda hope Kiba's going to flirt with Sasuke a bit xD
@Redfaerie: Ooh,thank you very much for explaining. I appreciate it :)
what does this issue mean?
Im not neglish speaking person, so I dont really understand what she means by that.
damn, now ill have to wait so long to get to know, what happened xD
am i the only person who would prefer alex to be with jake?
damn, that guy has some nice ass eyebrows right there xD
December 31st, 2013
is that a bl comic?
I absolutely love this comic