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My name is Syl, I'm 13, going on 14, I love My Chemical Romance, and other Alternative rock, MCR is just my favorite. I usually draw on my computer, with my mouse, because I'm lazy and I don't feel like asking my mom to scan stuff for me. I'm also an amateur spriter, and I usually work with KH sprites. My gallery has stuff I just draw when I'm bored.

If you want to know more, message me.
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0_0 LOL, can anyone guess who's making Part 2 though?

I just realized how terrible and ugly my text boxes... I'm glad I found out how to do those better now...
This was done a while ago, but then, once it was finished, we were on an island... 0_0 So here it is!!! And someone else is doing part 2! This is a 4 parter!! Mwahahaha! And this was my first attempt in forever to do a semi-complicated BG...
Oh yay! I loved this, and I can't wait to see what else comes!! ^_^
I hate her nose, but other then that, I love how this came out!! She was gonna be carrying a cooler, and a beach umbrella, but I got lazy... Axi was gonna be there too, but I think I'll draw her heading to the beach separately... Maybe I'll have Airos up by then!

Edit: Damn! I forgot her tattoos!!! She has words going down her left arm, and a rose to the right of her belly button...
It took me forever, but it's done now!

The zodiac girls!

From left to right:

Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Capricorn! YAY!

I tried to give them each their own outfit, and hair, which I usually have a hard time with.

This is still my older style, I'm usually a lot better now.
Axi is one of my favorite characters to draw, so obviously, she had to be here!
I couldn't decide who to name her after, my best friend, or my mom, plus I wanted Cassidy in there... Plus she kept her mom's last name, plus her dad's, and then she was named after the song, "Helena" by My Chemical Romance... Which is funny, 'cause that song's named after Gerard Way's grandma, which would be Marine's great grandma... So there's a reason for everything but the Cassidy, which I just like... I need to stop going on and on...
*giggle fit* Yeeeeeeaaahhh... I need to work on making that less... blatant... heheheheh
YAY! Helena! Long name, huh?

Anyway, I forgot to put that she's shy, and that she always wears her choker.

I'm proud of this picture... I drew it all in GIMP! I never can draw hands in GIMP! And I drew a decent guitar! Plus her clothes aren't form-fitting!!

I need to make Axi's thingie, and my other new guy, Airos's! YAY! This is fun!

And just for a note, Helena is just like Ferra, so anything she would like, Hels would like, unless it's her dad... That'd be creepy...

Oh, and she's single! All my characters are single now! It's more fun that way!
Alright, long story short, Axinda is the daughter of Axel and Larxene, her nickname is Axi... She's from a fanfiction story I'm writing slowly... And in the beginning, she doesn't know who Axel is... And here Axi ran into Axel in the halls(After my story), and pretended she didn't recognize him, like when they first see each other in my story... Though it's kinda obvious she's his kid... She's a girl him pretty much... Only a bit more... Well... Mean, with her jokes...
This is one of my many design ideas for my character Ferra. I don't think I will use this one, because Ferra wont have bangs, and she'd be to hard to draw into a comic.
This is Axinda looking over her shoulder, with her back showing, and her XIV tatoos, showing what her Org. XIII number is.
This is my KH fancharacter Axinda/Nadia, dressed up. I also have a computer drawn version, it's different though, and I like this version.
To read her story, check my page every so often to see if it's up!
This is Charlie, her real name is Charlotte, but she hate that name. She's a character from my story, Seas Of Romance, which you can find on my Fictionpress page
This is a picture I drew of Maura one time when I was hanging out with her and Jena. The boots and skirt are my design, the shirt was just a random shirt idea I used.
This is my character Marine Way, he's from my story "It Was A Real Dream" which I will be changing the name to "Dreams Made Reality", he's the main male character.

Marine is the son of Gerard Way, he meets Ferra because of a dream/odd experience, read the story, you'll understand, you can find it at my page
This is Axinda, my KH fan character, well one of them, and she's the daughter of Axel! She wields a Chakram like Axel(only she has 1, not 2) and a Keyblade, cool, ay? She looks just like Axel, only a girl.
The base belongs to Xandorra's Place but I made the Keyblade, and the clothes.

Lately I've been obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, so this came of it so far... I'm sure there will be more...
Aww..*giggles* Thats sweet!