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Hmm. Lemme See.

Likes: Yaoi. ^_^ Bondage. Wolves. Pretty Boys. Goth Boys. Boys On Boys. Yeah, you get the picture.

Hobbies: Writing/Reading Poetry and Books and short stories. Reading Comics and Doujinshi.

Occupation: Working at Chase Farms as A Line Worker. Blech. It's hard work 10 hours a day and only 2 15 minute breaks and no days off, but it's a job. And a paycheck. :P

Fav. Colors: Black and Green and Purple

Fav. Food: Celery and Peanut Butter

Oh, and I admire any man/boy who has enough pride in himself to wear the color pink.
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    Jenna LeeAnn Dale
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LMAO. Wow. And I thought I was bad. ^_^ There's someone more oblivious than me! Yay me! Keith's so cute! *Cuddles* And I so feel your pain my little oblivious yaoi boy!
*Squeal* Love teh frog hoodie! It's so cute! *Snatches it from Pie_Junkie* Mine! :P
Wow. @_@ Missed alot on teh account of being sick. But I LOVED Teh End Of Beau And Teh Beast and I'm LOVING Teh Frog Prince so far! *Huggles* Teh Schoolgirl Theme Is Awesome!
YAY! Fairytales is back! *Glomps Monitor* I've missed it! And Kai and Beau make such a cute couple! *Joins in on the fangirl chant* C'mon go get married and then onward to the honeymoon!
Their mom's hot. And I absolutely Love her dress. ^o^ Internet's working again! *Does Her happy hammy dance* So expect to see more of me! Whee! And what happened to my blue cuties? *Pouts* Maybe...smex?!?! ^o^
Dying together... So romantic. So angsty... Man I love it! ^_^ I wanna see what happens next but the button refuses to obey! *Rapidly clicks the next button*
I'm probably gonna get mauled and beat for this, but GO ROTHBART! Now go kill Oden for injuring Odile's pretty face and then go have incestuous chibi smex! This Uke wants chibi smex darn it! I'm having withdrawl symptoms... *Looks around with shifty eyes*
*Squeals so loud every window within a mile radius breaks* So cute!!! I love Mama and Papa! *Dies from absolute happiness and bloodloss*
*Pets and Licks the monitor* I need updates... I wanna see if Sayaka accepts! Of course, how could he not?!?! If it was me I would've tackled him. Hmm... *Goes off to plot*
*Squeals* So cute! This has just made my day despite the heat! I love Papa and Mama! *Glomps them both* When I read this I squealed so loud both my roommates came in to see what was going on. They'd thought I'd hurt myself, found out it was another Yaoi Episode, and yelled "NOT AGAIN!!!" Eh eh eh. *Huggles her computer-full-of-yaoi*
XD Mama and Papa are back! *Glomps them both* They're my favorite couple hands down. Especially Papa. ^_^
*Glomps Rainbird-san* Nice to find someone who shares my need for pretty evil boys and bondage. ^_^ *Smucks Oden one more time just for the heck of it*
You tell him Odile! *Smucks Oden for injuring Odile's pretty face* Shame! Evil hotties are not to be hit with frying pans! It's much more fun to tie them up and... Yeah I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead. :P
*Is in drooling nosebleeding speechlessness* By all that's unholy is he hot! *Goes off to die with the other Odile fangirls of extreme bloodloss*
Aww. They're so cuute! *Glomps Them Both* Now that I've finally caught up... :P And I should personally hunt down "Guest" and harm them for saying bad things about Swan Lake... Hmm... *Goes off to plot Guest's demise*
Odile!!! So cute and so evil! He's just perfect. *Glomps Odile* Can I keep him?!? Pwease!?!
*Snarls* I may be poor but I can still beat the crap outta you old hag! I HATE people like that. *Goes off to plot her demise*
*Squeals* Papa is so cuuute! *Glomps Papa* He's one of my all-time favies and his death glare is so hot... *Melts into a puddle of fangirl goo*
Odile's so cuuute and so evilll! *Glomps Odile* How can you not love evil and hot yaoi boys!?! *Snickers* Blueberry Twins. How adorable.
*Hides Behind Her Bishies* Man is Momma SCARY when she's being all sweet. And their kiss is so cuuuute!