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I have aspirations to comic, and I also like to draw and sprite (to name a few.)
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Question: Can Dennis ever die?
Answer: No.
@Gunwallace: Woo, this is exactly what happened on my first camping trip. Also, I think the dungeon might have changed the Ranger's perspective on nature a bit.
@shadowmwape: I require the race of Shadix, here are the races:
::Similar races due to appearance::
Tega> Retreat!
Roger> Pick up the stuff in front of you, then retreat.
The story of a player as he goes around the world of RPG 0, as makes friends and defeats others who would destroy RPG 0 and pull the system into destruction.
It's fun how the Fine Fellow is so causal to Necromancer.
Both> Grab the Apples and shell, then flee to where Edd was so the MerWitch doesn't kill you.
Everyone forgets about Sakugarne! Why!?
Also I want to see Quest of Chaos.
>Nii: Give them enough funds to help but ensure that the others don't kill you.
>Flaurence: Bore the others to sleep :v
@Maltodextrin: But even with that, I bet that there won't be any shopkeeper NPCs that do that. That would be awesome though.
@Gunwallace: Suckers who think they can out thieve the Thief, I bet.
@MarioKong: Suppose because I can't be bothered to change outlining during comicmaking. That's just a bit obvious.
@MarioKong: I haven't played that either, sorry.
@MarioKong: Ah. I haven't played 6 yet, but he's the final boss or something right? Well for me, my favorite would be Vivi Ornitier from 9.
@MarioKong: ...Okay...
Then play any other good Rpg, and if you don't mind me asking, who is that guy?
@MarioKong: I hope not. You should do what I do for ideas: Final Fantasy.
@BlueZero12: Yes, well, that is the generic outfit for beginners. Once he gets in the game itself, he can buy clothing and I can use his new sprite.
@MarioKong: Why thank you. I have yet to begin the actual game, so I hope you'll stick around for that.