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I like this one, and the pet raven when's this new turtle named tank going to show up?
not intro to "Rictofen77"
I was wondering why I added the last piece but then I remembered another gag we wanted to add and SORRY I WAS REALLY BUSY THIS WEEK WITH PERSONAL STUFF
@richtofen77: You could make this you but I could make it another character its up to you....
@Yoshi: I am actually thinking of what the first chapter should surround and what not this is more of a terrible filler.
Anyways Bye
Good bye have fun and stuffz.
@Trainer Ash: 4chan has thought me the ways of the internet. ( Before the 10 year olds started to ruin the racist portion of it)
@Trainer Ash: 4chan ruined my cartoons D:
@Trainer Ash: Lol according to 4chan there are no such thing as females on the internet.
But why? I'll punch you in the throat first! >:D
I don't like how he/she/manlady just out of no where linked me to this. And it is stolen which I could care less about, there fault for posting their sprite sheet.
You have no cloths this is a recolor with tail's little fur thing don't go around saying 100% original, and please don't link this. I would like to see a clothed recolor sprite than a 98% recolor of sonic. Good job, best sprite I've ever seen. *Sarcastic voice* (Sorry if this is a GIANT rant but I don't like how he/she/manlady linked me to this, it is pretty much a recolor not sure if he stole like the other guy said. But come on man, come on.)
Why did you link us a sprite sheet?
Well the R.Creature was a gag-thing.
@NightOwl35: Thanks for the advice I had problems completing this comic because I'm lazy but I am currently re-doing my sprites actually the story is in the description some where, the overall idea is to kill Dracula. There will also be minor conflicts going on throughout the story. I have only really worked on the story. Sprite clashing was because we wanted to use our personal sprites (Modified Tails sprites). Also I am not the most grammatical person in the world so I'll spell check and all that stuffs. We just really wanted to get something up as a hey were starting a comic next one won't be out for a while seeing how I am re-doing my sprites and I think Mr. Yoshi is as well. So thanks again for the advice. :P
@OGamma: To be honest you couldn't be that bad.