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I rather keep my eyes on you. ;)
It seems I miss some and forgot all about this.
That or make them be more explosive with a wider boom range.
Hey at least they are the parana bots. Ryan loved them.
If he says lets go again, pow right to the moon.
You might want to watch that first step.
Still living up to his name as we can all see.
Darn interuptions! lol
Darn those dirty nice thoughts. lol
Understood, I thought just as much or it might have been wanting to be with BRR for part of the holiday.
Hey UXD how long does this uni thing last? I am being a good little boy waiting for the next chapter that is why I am asking. Or is it the video games that have taken over your mind. Or maybe family wants to spend more time with you.

Or is it BRR holding you in her arms never wanting to let go. ^_^ Those death grip arms never unleash do they?
I want in! *jumps over the fans* weeeeeeeee

242 stars. I have only been playing it for 2 days and I only have 101 stars.

About my last comment on your last one, I am sorry. I forgot all about that uni thing. I didnt mean anything about it.
Yes Ryan sure you could jump it. You could always hover up by fan though.
Happy Halloween! I love this one it be funny.
I have beaten both of those games so if you need any help i can help you.

I agree with Khu here.