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777: Beyond Hell.
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YAY! Update!
I loved the new page. I am getting slightly obsessed with this comic, I'm not sure why...
I voted for it, anyway! It's really worth it!
Stupendous, marvellous...
Hehe. I loved his expression just there, it was great.
I don't know if I've ever commented on this comic before? Shame if I haven't, because it's my favourite. You're a really good artist, and it's a great comic either way, and I'm so happy to find a new update every time I remember to check for it!
It just hit me, ‘Holy crap, I wonder if there's any updates for Honeydew Syndrome?’, so now, 2:54 AM, when I should actually go to sleep, I'm writing this comment instead. Oh, why do I always turn my comments into novels? Why, cruel life! So I'll stop now, before it's the next bestseller. (Wink, wink.) Speaking of which, I think this could earn you some money! But never mind that; if you take it off just because you're going to make us PAY for it, the other fans will go crazy, stalk me down and kill me.

Anyway, keep up the stupendous, marvellous work and this fan'll keep reading it. For free. Oh, and I'm sorry I'm not buying the poster. I would, I really would, but I have to save my money!
I love this comic. I don't know if I've commented before, but I probably haven't, seeing as how I never can come to think of anything to say...
Anyway, I love Metis' expressions. Hehe. You're an awesome artist and I wish you would update more often. (Like, every second minute, mind you!)
Yeah... Well, then I'll just fine a huge mega space in my schedule and then I will make one.
I love this comic... Even if I fail to check if there's been an update on everything else I'm desperately trying to follow, I always succeed to keep track on this. Yay for me!
I have really enjoyed all of this. (I especially liked the Merboy... his hairclip was so cute on him, wasn't it?)
I love ze drawing style, too, eet's great.

By the way, since I'm downright stupid, I can't for my life figure out how to post fan art to this. I feel like it's something I'd like to achieve before somebody has the urge to shoot me, if you know what I mean.


Cough cough...
I don't know if I have commented on this comic before. (A shame if I haven't. It's so good. Gasp.)
This is the kind of stuff that encourages me to draw myself. (Only problem is, the scanner isn't working and my pen tablet hates me.) Maybe that doesn't make sense, but you know, never mind.
Er. What I was actually going to say was... I love this comic. Not for the probable shounen-ai (heh heh, not that I mind), but for the interesting story line and the amazing art. Oh, yes, I said it. (Sniff.) I hope that was good, I never actually manage to compliment people. (Considering I should be writing about some temple in Kyoto right now, you should feel honoured right now, having my attention and all!)
So, what I actually, actually wanted to say was in fact: WHY WON'T YOU UPDATE MORE OFTEN!?!
I just had my bloody birthday! Make it worthwhile!

Well, I'm going to read some Gravitation. (I bought five or six volumes for some of the money I received – and I still have 880 SEK left! (Around 130 US Dollars. And I'm sorry I'm not buying a poster! I have plans for my little fortune.)) And you better update before I'm done with volume seven! Aight!?

This got longer than I expected. That sucks. Too much nonsense in there, isn't it? Well, nothing to do about it now, I have Graviation to read and a temple in Kyoto to ignore!

Update soon,
I hope I wasn't abusive (I tend to be),
Yours sincerely,
Du är dansk? Nice. Sverige här! Gillar din stil fastän den kanske inte är på proffsnivå. (Cough, cough.) Varför skriver du för hand, förresten?