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Dunno what's worse, the sandpaper tongue across the eyeball, the magical energy filled sandpaper tongue across the eyeball, or the fact that Poe is just too damn adorable not to not allow the magical energy filled sandpaper tongue across your eyeball to dry tears...

Either way, I feel for Rremly.
@VictorB: Ditto. I'm truly surprised we're allowing this to hit our shelves... </murrican> (Also, Keno's a poet and probably doesn't know it!)
So Bummy has either his own computer business or an awesome skin set for laptops.
I still need to get the "I did absolutely nothing today." tee.
It took me a while to get the hint with the bonus, but it makes sense, if you've seen the thing in question. Well played, Gar. Well played.
You never cease to amaze me, Gar... XD Neko just looks so scared in nyan form. X3
Merry MERRY Christmas!
@TheCatMolloy: Nice to see at least a brief return to the semi-traditional Neko (Or in this case, Keno) we've grown to know and love.

@NtKPaige: I only wish I could be merry like that every day. XD (And believe me, there are many a time I wanted to get 'merry' like that... I would definitely be a cheerful drunk)

So... In conclusion, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Joyous Festivus if you celebrate that too! May 2014 be merry too!
Quote Bunny
There is also an imgur gallery for previous quotes, don't remember the exact link, but it's linked to in one of the previous Understudies...

Back on topic though, It's like "Air Buddies, Buddies in Space something along those lines... WAY too many of 'em to be sure...
@GabrielsThoughts I'm pretty sure it wasn't, but if it was directed to me, sailed right over my kitty-lovin' noggin. If not, disregard this little bit o' babblin'.
@TheCatMolloy Heh. For me, NaNo is the thrill of trying to write 50,000 words, and the swooper tends to shine during that. One of the things you get for writing those 50k words is a chance to publish it, which is when the basher in me starts to sneak out for its nightly prowl... So Vonnegut wields a double-edged sword to me... (I never took them up on their publishing offer though... XD)
For us here in the States, it's Dollar Tree, Dollar General, other assorted names for the same thing... We did have a Deal$ near where I live, but that got replaced by a temporary Halloween Express store... Still not sure to this day if something ever officially took over... I usually have my nose in my 3DS whilst riding along...
@GabrielsThoughts: Kinda hard to detect when it's nothing but text. ;) Just saying.
What is he?
A blur. X3 Not that that's a bad thing, but hee~ One of you needs to update the facebook page moar. I've been missing out on awesome Aleister. XP
Me too. X3 Very observant of you... And me too... So yeah... X)
Was NOT expecting Neko to be the one wearing Keno's wig, but that pose. Hi-flipping-larious.
@RoboKitty: I still need to get the "I did nothing this week" T. Also... SHOOP DE WOOP! Neko be firin' his LAZOR~
Nice touch. Well worth the time it took. :)
For a moment there Gar, I thought you were gonna pull a "Tiddly Dee"...
@Kirbylubber: I know, right? I busted out laughing when I saw her SHOVE Neko's face into the bread. XD I'm a bad man for this, but still... XP
Do I detect a hint of "Tiddly-dee" in your Comment, Mr. Ookami? ;)