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lmao this made my day
Hm? how do i join this collab?
I hope i'm not messing anything up, anyhow basically this is Chase and some escorts arriving at the place, now just waiting to see who'll open the door. just be sure not to draw Chase himself, i have a picture in mine how i want him to look when he arrives.
Name: Chase Gilroy

Age: 16

Personality: He suffers from multi-personality disorder that seems to come in multiple colors.

Whoa sorry it took so long for me to upload my character, I've been busy with a bunch of unnecessary homework, anyway i'm glad i could join.
@Chubby(i keep forgeting to logon: thxns
There we go, Naoki finally in color.
@Midnightnoo: Glad you liked the page. i get my screen tones from then i layer them off under the comic page in It's all free and stuff. Actually i just learned about this stuff.
Naoki Enters
I inked it :D. but yeah this is just how Naoki ended up at the mall. It lacks background cause i suck at drawing it. anyhow he is kind of just walking around.

Edit: just added some screen tones.
@Tailswish: Alright thanks
Second image of Naoki, i didn't color this one cause i thought it looked better without it, but the next one i upload of him shall be color'd.
@Bunny Hopp: Thanks, i'll read it over.
@coldeyes: Yeah, it is 19. it ended up like that do to the font i used.
My first Character on Sj
So yeah this is My character, actually this is the first picture I've uploaded on Sj all together. I know it lacks color and inking, but i haven't got the whole coloring deal on the Pc down yet and i wasn't in the mood to ink. I'll upload another picture of him all colored and stuff later.

Yeah so thanks for letting me join the collab, tell me if anything needs changing.