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I'm Momo-chan, a budding 19 year old manga artsit. I hope evryone comments on my work. I like yaoi, and shonen-ai mostly. Yu-Gi-Oh is my favorite ever. And cosplay...yah I like that too <3 But I also like manga like GTo and ouran high school host club.(heart) lol anyone go to portcon?? thats my yearly anime con. And i may be at anime boston next year.
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I've been reading this since you first started posting it. I love your work and want to tell you that I have been so happy with the way this story has panned out. If you were ever to sell copies I would be one of the many who would buy it. Please continue to grace us with your talents in the future. I am so sad this is finally over, but it was a good ending so its all good <3
aww <3 good to hear I should have a page or two up pretty soon.
<3 ADORABLE.....dammit I need to post all of you are posting such wonderful things.
haha Aoi says wheeeeee... >.<ok so ali and i have been plotting (litterally) to make a plot :D My scanner is fixed so i hope to have a post up by tommorow afternoon.
i got a new laptop and i've been having upload troubles but its all good now. i almost cried withjoy when i saw this post ali-chan <3 I will post as soon as i can!!!!
the plot leaves plenty of room for playing around s it isn't just do what we say or else. Feel free to continue with little sitie while ali-chan and i put up details.
i'll respond to this.
<3 yay i feel bad for not posting i'll post tonight ok i have a lot of new medias i want to try out.
its cute yay ^.^ want me to do a respose for this?? i'd love to <3
my response the Wonderful Ali-chan who would like there to be a plot <3 here you go love.
i'm coming backS!!!!!!!!!! i had difficulties!!!
i'm sorry i never posted my intro..kayle ate it....joe couldn't find a ball gag and my picture was the next best thing (bows) I'm sorry.
yah i agree.the bandages leave his face to the imagination...
i just realized..why does aoi need a sleep mask?? he has thos bandage things they probably work just as well...lolol
tis the truth..evil little kayle cut Aoi's hair..his bandages may come off soon too...aoi looks good like this. and he's easier to color. I'm happy 'cause i found out how to make my backgrounds white
kayle wants to be all O.O I'll draw it..ttonight i'm updating for real.....someone else in the dorm has a new haircut tooo....(shifty eyes)