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I enjoy drawing pretty boys, BL and fanart XD

I also love making friends with peeps on Pixiv and chatting XD I really want to make friends with manga-writing peeps so please feel free to message me ;_;

Im not very good at art but I'd like to do a collab sometime (I will have a lot of time since I am pretty much giving up on my social life in preparation to move overseas) so please swing me a message if you might be interested ^_^

My tumblr is: http:// - please feel free to add me XD
Thank you for being so patient everyone T^T

My holiday was so amazing! I can't wait to go back. Although this time I am saving to move there which is a laborious process x_x wish me luck!
@KuroRiya: Awesome I'll add you! I love seeing Japan holiday photos and stuff XD And actually my friend and I are watching Hetalia this weekend because I wanted to get into it (lol) also ... Mine is mostly yaoi/BL stuff if you happen to add me back XD
@KuroRiya: Oh wow really? Where abouts are you going?? I actually want to leave Tokyo this time (since Ive been there before) so I am going out to a few places in Kanagawa and other things :D Do you have tumblr?? :3
Hi everyone, sorry about the delay >_< I started work again this week so Im sooooo tired x_x

Also, just a little notice. I'm going to Tokyo on the 20th of January (19th for you Americans XD) until the 6th of February (5th for Americans?) so I might not update for those two and a half weeks. If anyone wants to follow my travels you can check my tumblr XD (

If I get a few pages done, I'll ask my friend to upload them periodically while I'm gone :)
I drew this one ~ I'm glad you like it Rabbit! ^_^ I had to do a bit of sneaky stalkerage >3
10000 Yen note image comes from Wikipedia XD
Did everyone have an amazing xmas? Mine was good! ^__^ Although I don't feel like my holidays have started until I go overseas in January ... Well anyway, I can spend some time drawing now because I have a week off of work! ^_^
I neeeeed to hug the person who drew this!! XDDDD
Im really enjoying drawing lately ^_^
I drawed this today when I saw I had 100 fans XD Sorry its dodgy. But thank you all for supporting me! Actually I am sure none of my friends IRL read this, so you guys really mean a lot to me <3

I might not update for a while because I'm working on my secret santa. Give me a week or two! ^_^
Thanks for your comments ^^ Actually monochrome refers to black and white by definition as well (I actually just double checked in my dictionary lol), thats why I wrote it. As for his eyes, I guess they are what other people observe them to be but I will be more careful now thanks ^^
Ahaha I can't draw middle aged people T^T
I like pitiable characters ... Thats probably why I like Mori so much XD Will add a r-t-l reminder to each page from now on.
Starting Chapter 2 now! Gonna be some background stuff happening.
Going to try harder and make this manga a bit higher quality now ^_^
December 11th, 2012
I love how you draw comics, its so clean and clear and awesome *__*
@KuroRiya: Ahahaha close! XD
@BananaMuffinPop: Thank you so much! ^^
Yay! lets start on Chapter 2 ^_^
Just a cover pagey for Chapter 2 ^.^ Will have one more page up tonight then time for sleep!
I wanted to do an afterword so here it is! Thank you to all new fans!! ^v^