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Luckey Starr
I like chocolate!
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Vye's down again!!
Vye asked me to comment again to let you all know that she is without internet connection again! She thinks the modem may be going bad or something... But she promises to update soon and has two pages to make up for the delay. :) Thank you for your patience!
lol, how much will that cost him?
Luckey Sketch
Sorry, everyone! I had no idea that school would create such a long haitus! >.< Don't hurt me (though no one likes enough to do that anyway)!

This is just a doodle I did during lecture this week at school. I hope it's not too bad. :P Enjoy, I should resume pages soon!
Lol. If coming and going randomly counts as back, then- yes! Yes I am! Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to sketch up some more doodles for y'all.
Hey, I'm back after my long haitus! Well, not offically, but I'm trying to catch up on all my fave comics now that I have some free time.

Anywho, I just read the last chapter and a half that I missed while I was gone. Your art is looking awesome, the toning is getting better, and the story continues to leave me hanging. A little hard to follow sometimes, but I think it's because I was gone so long..? So- great job!!

Oh, and as Cecil's number-one-fan, I want to see him again soon! :P
So.. It's been since Valentine's and still no update? Man, I give anyone who cares permission to karate chop me... o.O

Anyway, point being, I really miss my comic!! >.< I wish I had more time and talent to dedicate to this! I'm nearly done with school now, so the updates should resume soon (fingers crossed). And an apology filler is in the works. ^_^
Awww... :(

Yay for the update! ^_^
I'm back!

Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do! What a rush! Man, oh, man there's a lot of drama coming out!! ^_^

Update soon, and I'll try to do the same!
I think he's going to tip backward off the stool... His center of gravity is off! :P
kirby- Hello, and yes I did update! ^_^ Yay!
And the only answer to your question is another question.. Did you not read in Chapter One where Kandie confided her feelings to Luckey?

melly- ^_^ Yep! pwned she was!!

heart- I agree, it did work out well. Next page is a bugger, especially now that I have little to no time at all to work on it.. But you should be able to see the extent of the lollie's power. =P
I'm sorry, but I must say this..


I've left my peace.
Darn white space..
This page is very... White. White space is my enemy, but I couldn't figure out what to fill it with. I kinda wanted this page to be funny, but I don't know if it worked. Humor me and laugh anyway. :P

I kinda rushed this page since I haven't updated in a while, so I hope it's not too horrible. I ran out of room for my pic of Kandie with the sucker in her mouth, so maybe I'll save it for the next page.

Visit the forum! And please pretend the art is decent.. Lol. I'm tired of getting critiqued.
Gah, I wanna take Cecil home.. He's so cute! >.<
I didn't exactly say I draw Ranma 1/2 style legs, I was just making a point.
And yes, my anatomy is bad. I'm not an artist. I've been saying from the beginning and I'll continue saying it now. I'm an author. No art skills period.

Anywho, thanks for the support. ^_^ Hope you guys don't mind the art too bad... :S
kirbyboy102- =O Like I said, this was a thumbnail sketch that I blew up for the page. It's been distorted and I didn't fix it up as well as I should have. And just so you know, I like thick legs. Ranma 1/2 looks better than Sailor Moon to me.

suzmya icigo- Thank you for the comment! ^_^ I hope you visit again.
Oh, and just so everyone knows, the results of the first poll in the forum...

Who is your favorite character?
0 votes -Luckey
2 votes -Bee
1 vote -Kandie
1 vote -Lance

Bee is the winner!! ... Poor Luckey.. D:

Oh, and there's a new poll up, please vote! ^_^
So... Lance and Bee have a page together.. Finally. *coughs*

Anyway, this page was VERY lazy. Took about an hour to put together. Just so you know, the picture was a little sketch I drew forages ago and I blew it up for this page. So if it looks distorted.. It is.

For anyone who noticed, yes! This is the first appearance of Bee's and Lance's legs! As you can see, Bee likes the knee length skirt. Also the first appearance of the full boy's uniform. Very basic on purpose. I originally planned to have the pants dark purple and the tie light, but I grayscaled it backwards.. Oh well.

I didn't wanna draw a background or use a school hallway tone as planned, so I just went with a basic "sunlight" theme. Don't know why I chose it, I just did.

Anyway, on to the dialogue! Bee works at a local fast food place to save money for college. She's the only one of the group that works.

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry for the long comment! Next page will be fun and soon, I promise! Comments are <3 and forum goers are <33!!
First thing I thought of when I saw this? DBZ. I could totally tell. :P
Teehee.. "Pizza is better than tacos!"

Hillaree should challenge Vye to a children's card game on a boat, and when she loses, she can throw her off of the boat! XD