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@Reiu Shanra: Jestę złym stundentę D:
Ale, uwaga, mam kontury nowej strony. Może coś wybiedzę z tego :)
I'm so sorry for your cat :C I have lost 5 cats this year... I know how painful is saying "farewell" to someone we love very hard.
Hold on! <3
@Reiu Shanra:
Jasne, będę bardzo wdzięczna za poprawki, bo mój angielski leży i kwiczy momentami, a wywala się zwłaszcza na czasach przeszłych D:

Ja z tej twarzy mam sobie zamiar wyciąć następny avatar, jak mnie wena najdzie XD
@Anabelcia: D'aww, dziękuję <3
Someone is being a bit dramatic here, isn't he?

Anyway, sorry for lack of updates ;___; I'm busy with my university so much. I managed to finish this page only because I'm sick and I had to stay at home at the weekend. I'll try to make myself more organized ;___;

Thank you for your support and for being with me all the time.
Oh my, this is so simple, but so much beautiful! I love the end of this comic and meaning of it. Amazing work!
Uuum... finnaly?
I'm so sorry. I was a bit... um... off past weeks, because some sad accidents in my life, but now I'm (hopefully) getting better :)
I would like to say that hiatus is over but sadly I can't promise regular updates :c
I have a crazy work overload on my university and it looks like I have to learn how to manage my time. But don't worry. See you soon!
Thank you for your patience and staying with me <3

And, oh, yes. I really don't like drawing backgrounds, but I have no other choice XD
@Takai: This song makes me laught every time I hear it... but of course only with video. I have no idea why, maybe that's because of the way this guy is acting. I find it funny XD
...what does the fox say?
...wrestling golem, you say?
Anyway, I like this guy, he looks really nice :3
@Noir-x: Mój digital ładny? ;_; No chyba nie ;_; Miło, że zajrzałaś <33
@meowchi75: Yeah, I wish I could live in house like this one :D
A new character appeared! :3
His markings are a bit tricky to draw, but hey, I designed them by myself, so I shoudn't complain.

Propably Stained Heart will be on hiatus since next week, but more info later :) You know, holidays and everything...
Aww, I really like this guy so far! :3
Well... I deided to update early, so enjoy :3 This is surely one of the most time-taking page in my short comic experience XD All those spots of flowers on the grass and everything else... And this sky! I painted night sky first time in my whole life :O
Hope you like it. This page was really fun to do.
New page is up :3 Enjoy!
Those expressions are just precious! I love this comic so far. The art is amazing, as well as the story and original characters. Everything is so great! 8D *excited*
@princess_lom: Ooo... fajnie wygląda ta stronka :O W ogóle... hm, no, powiem, że mi się podoba. A powiedz mi, jakie są opcje nazwy po kropce? Tu masz np., a u Ciebie jest, ale widziałam też Chodzi mi o to, że nazwa mojego komiksu już sama w sobie jest długa i nie chcę, żeby wyszedł z niej totalny tasiemiec. Wyobrażasz sobie? Kto to zapamięta? XD Dlatego chciałabym Cię spytać, jakie tam są opcje nazwy do wyboru, czy są jakieś króciutkie zupełnie :3 No i widzę, że na tej stronce jest też Seed, którego znam ze smackjeeves :D
A tak swoją drogą... kto nie boi się ciemności? XD
@Munchy5: We will see in time :3
@Ork-Kid: Someone else also noticed this, but I don't know, what's going on, because I don't have any problem with them D: I don't see any images, but only subtitles. What do you see? I'm a tottaly newbie, when it comes to website-building and even CSS edit, but maybe I can fix it somehow n_n"

And thank you very much for the such nice comment! Backgrounds are pain to draw, but they're also the best way to improve skills :3 Maybe one day I will be able to do them without bigger problems and whining all the time XD