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5 hours later they realize that the instructions are upside-down, in a foreign language and for something completely different anyway
are those guys on the left supposed to look like they have blindfolds on?
theirs a Gotham in England but its pronounced goat ham
Happy birthday again and called it
just a guess but, gigis metal leg from when it got broken attracted the magnemite? also happy bithday
the ones i never use
why would i want to win the lottory, to be honest this is actualy what i would do
@Zelkova: you forgot him! you forgot the swag weed!!!!!
@Joff: does the slap round the ear include a landmine too?
best page EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait you didn't get the ice beam tm from the ship?
@Christy Weavile: thats just a hurtful stereotype, but as i am ginger and i loled its alowed
@Surfersquid: nonsense, all the kanto ancients are weak to electricity, plus they will be in pokeballs so they will be fully under control anyway if you have enough shiny bits of metal.
not like he can talk, rapidash is for noobs with no arcanine
Kiara shut up
@Surfersquid: i would use it, remove the pokemons other moves, then put it on the GTS to troll someone
at least its better than may contain nuts. i found that on way too many packets
im waiting for the moment where his nose pokes through one panel and pokes someone from another panel