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I love to draw and to write storys.
i just re-read the entire comic and I have to say: you improved so so so much!
I love how you did the thing with the colours! It's really cool!
what did just happen
welcome back :)
December 8th, 2013
can you see me lying on the floor crying?
I think it was great fun to read it. thanks for sharing your story with us :D
May 26th, 2013
no! don't run away!
May 12th, 2013
@Maiwenn: I'm not kidding. I was actually sitting in front of my computer with tears in my eyes :)
April 28th, 2013
now you've done it... you actually made me cry...
this story is sooo good please don't stop continuing it!
I think I just died from laughing :D
I feel sorry for you.
Here: have a virtual hug
that's just so charming
February 10th, 2013
this is awesome!
January 13th, 2013
I can't stop smiling right now because that's a similar way how my sister met her boyfriend! They met each other in a larp forum (live action role play) and started to write e-mails and fell in love with each other by writing e-mails. oh and that's also the way they confessed.
nein! bitte nicht!
I know this feeling too. A half year ago I broke my arm and even needed help with putting on my shoes. Don’t worry this feeling will pass and if you always help others they will be happy to return the favor.
October 27th, 2012
September 22nd, 2012
your story is so sad and so beautiful
and i just can't stop reading it
September 16th, 2012
and the same temper as well?