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I like to animate
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    Tresten (Cyber-Buddy)
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@bartekolo: hey barte what animator do you use?
Update Finally!!!!
hi guys i know its been awhile and i hope this comic thrives more as i update more often. Btw i have gotten better in my animating skills and will be uploading ones with sound soon. :)
@djhero35: yo dj could ya please not swear on my site, i would really appreciate it. Cool Piv :D
An extension :)
Happy easter everyone and it has been a great year so far, but we need more fans so try sharing this comic with a friend or something anyways HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice work bart :) cant wait for part two
@bartekolo: Thanx :)
@djhero35: im really liking these keep up the greet work *thumbs up*
great job i love it :)
check out the mugen game page for download link.
@Spriter's advice: thank you for your feedback ill keep it in mind.
hi guys and girls got bored and made this hope you like it.
@bartekolo: the reason why a dont want language because my parents go on here and i dont like my site looking bad.
@bartekolo: its okay barte im not gonna ban you your a cool guy.
@bartekolo: bart i would really like it if you watch your language
he is screwed
@Uchiha748: um in a month or two