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Hello, people of earth and beyond!!! I am here to entertain you whether you like it or not!
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Sort of a continuation of the Music Notes Comic.
And... WE'RE BACK!!!!!
I finally learned how to use a freaking scanner, so I can draw the comics by hand now. Makes things a lot quicker and easier. The rest of the story is on its way so enjoy and stay tuned! :D
@Charlotte057: Chase is carved on the pumpkin.
chilling, right?
Added descriptions in the character page!
I have no idea why this took me so long, but here it is! NO NICO! DON"T DO IT!
@Pokemanchaz: Yeah, sorry for not updating. I was banned from the computer for a while and then after I was in Houston for a week so I wasn't able to make any comics. But don't worry, there will be a comic by the end of today, and everyone will get to know a bit more about those random characters I put on that page
@soulsteeler123: I'm sorry but I don't know what Bioshock 2 is... :(
Sir Lobtop, the most sophisticated lobster in the world. :D
I wonder what that looks like from the characters' perspective.
I worked all week on that!!!
@soulsteeler123: lol! mind if i use those music notes?
For Valentine's Day Steve gives you his, one of them. No refunds.
@wolfmist38:haha! that's awesome! :P
@imadoofus: this one:
Upadated the character page!
I tried to combine your description with the skin. How did I do?