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Usagi L [DN]
Name: Peppermint Artist Sam-chan
Occupation: Student
Location: Florida, USA
I love Video Games Manga Art Poetry Novels Comedy Movies Bubbles Strawberries Peppermint Soda Red Bull Bunnies Stuffed Animals Paintball Laser Tag Beach Volley Ball Comics Ect!
I Dont Drink or Smoke
Im Strait...I think
Im Strange...I know

looks good so far :D
holy shizzle
that hair is amazing
and with crayola...
god i envy youuuu
Oh god
oh god
blood = not lovey dovey + creeeepppy
" love with you"
which do you hope for?
oh andi will def be uke
Marcus can handle the seme position...he is after all going to comfort lil andi in his time of need
Its a cute page...but her arms are soo cut up
makes me kinda sad :(
my god
you = love
Usagi L [DN]
February 15th, 2009
Awww Mike is comforting her <3
Zombie Time!!!!
Oh Noessss!!! T_T
i love this
i love both of them
Usagi L [DN]
January 14th, 2009
omg she ran to him.....what will her brother do if he finds out >_<
Im pretty sure she didnt take it...and flushed it down the drain
Yeah if you need to know or simply confirm something about Judaism
just message me.
I have been a Jew for all the 18 years of my life
mmmmmmmm red cobra....
cute as always!
neck plus fangs = yummy vampire smex
Yes...Yes I would be like ooooh a werewolf...Save me!
Wooooahhh Yeah she definately has issues
woooowww....anger issues?
or simply mood swings?