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petz! hehehe
two updates for the price of one! oh yes, might as well, haven't touched it for almost a year. T__T
September 26th, 2009
and he sees...
ohoho sorry for the very sparse updates!
I stumbled across this site again, and reading people's past comments spurred me to continue. I AM going somewhere with this... if only I can get to it... =0=;;

oh yeah, I lost my poor opencanvas... since I got a mac... so these will be drawn with photoshop until I buy my next computer. which will be windows 7. unless they screw up. again.
finally, the real reason I wrote this comic... is coming up soon!
hi peoples
he's like 'oh shit'
I love this comic. T_T your humor is awesomeee. also Ebony is hot as hell. :9 (actually all the characters are rather attractive. mmmmm)
I'm trying to finish and then publish Beast King this summer!! so if you guys reeaaally like it you can buy it online. n_n yayy and I'm glad people are still around~
ummmmmmmm *zombie*
yahhh I kinda died a bit... a lot there. but here's a page! T_T hopefully people are still interested, haha.
(hey, was it just my internet or did smackjeeves go down for a while too?)
;^; bad drawings here... but haha, have you not seen ME cry? *epitome of evil crying* >_>
ok, I was stuck with where the story was going to go, but now I've totally redesigned the plot and I think this will work! >D
October 16th, 2007
uh oh, I've only got about 10 more pages of this done. I'll need to start making up more soon. 0.0
quick thing
I had to do this pretty quick, but at least I'm back!
just to let you guys know, I'm not dead! D: (hey, cut out that booing)

however, I am going to be missing for the next 3-4 months. japan and china, woo! =D I'll go get my inspiration from the far east, then come back and provide ze arts kk?! sorry for my unreliable updates. :'(

main point being: I have not given up on this comic!! so please bear with me. =_=

ps. that gray THING is his gun. I know you couldn't tell. x(
yay chels! accountaccouunt!

and dear, it's one of those clothing things they give out at those institutional places things. D:
it's 3 in the am and I'm tired. :( plus I had this lying 'round so you can just stare at Eriol's bootay. wootwoot! the commercial of the break?
<img src="">
indeeeed. openCanvas is love. :9
alarms that keep going at it are so annoying. =_<
creepy little guy, innit he?
yay! x)
I love your avatar. >_>
BUTTS! D: times two. yes they are flat and unpleasing to the eye. but still. BUTTS!!1
Lance is fancy.