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I'm definitely digging the new style, and as far as genres go I generally like reading things with a good balance of comedy and drama.
Yaay! Welcome back.
*Cries tears of literal joy at seeing this in the top of my feed* I knew if I waited long enough you would return to us! And I'd definitely check out an original comic from you whether "Imaginary" or otherwise.
I love how everyone is set on it being a sex toy. I just can't help but assume that it's going to be one of those times where it all seems naughty, but it's actually something completely innocent, like it's going to be a drill or something.
Don't worry about it. Do what's best for you.
I like the new layout, but the color of the summary text is just a tad too light for my liking. It makes it a bit hard to read.
I'm not seeing Kellen come around any time soon honestly. At all. But I am really glad to see Rain standing up for herself and confronting Kellen. She's grown a lot since the earlier chapters.
A bunch of severed heads. It's heads isn't it?
looking forward to it
A one-of-a-kind chapter in a one-of-a-kind comic sounds like a wonderful thing to me!
I think B would be the more realistic response honestly.
I think the girl on the left is cutest, and Alex or Jacob maybe for boy names.
Well, he wanted to know how she was doing, and now he knows. Not too good.
You could post a page a year for all I care, the fact that even after a long gap you STILL update, and honestly intend to finish, is a big deal for me and I'm sure your other fans feel the same way. Plus your style's just too cute to quit!
Can you blame him? That looks like a pretty amazing hat/cake store there. :)
I couldn't stand how cute the Gumps are and the fact that they aren't real. So I felt the need to bring them in the real world 3195&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
hope you don't mind.
Oh yay! I love it when this updates, I mean it has a grumpy guy AND a happy way too perky/creepy/pointy gay kid in it! What more could you ask for?!? :D
Maybe Atty Just gets friendlier when he gets tired? Also, what is a charmander supposed to feel like? Are they kind of rubbery? Furry? Skin like? B/
THIS is borderline? I'm almost afraid to see all the way hysterical Luffinpuff.
Rebecca, Riley, Rachel? Rabakidflab? Why do you taunt us so? >:{