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Chris chris
Heyya! I'm Cc, aka Chris-chris, the creator of BDMP! I've been comic making for almost 9 years now! I hope you enjoy my stuff and please leave a comment, like, and add to your ever growing web comic faves!

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Hey kangel! I'm gonna expose myself as your santa for one reason! There is suppose to be a transparent background to this one. As soon as I can get the file for you, if you want it I can send it your way!
Hope you had a wonderful christmas. :3 :3
I'm sorry I haven't responded yet secret santa! I've had no internet for a week now. Thank you so much! This is amazing!!!
@Poppy: That would be because she's known him from her childhood as Scott. It's a name that stuck and he hasn't bothered to ask her to call him otherwise. :)
@ImAlrightHowAboutYou: Hope you like it!! I was your secret santa. <3
@Falconer: Thank you!! I knew it was you the minute I saw it! The way you do eyes and highlights is unmistakable! THis is like... the background image on everything. >>
Omg Secret santa! Thank you so much I loooove it!! <3 <3
Chris chris
November 23rd, 2015
and we're back! Think i'm ready to do some art finally.
Chris chris
September 27th, 2015
and we're back
Chris chris
April 12th, 2015
@Kelila: thanks, beautiful!
sorry for late updates!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! I've gotten pretty good with my contrasting colors. Its great to know its paying off. XD

It's not a healthy thing to do. This character had a very horrible life and struggled a lot. And unfortunately she didn't have a support structure either. BUt the scars we bear are what make us stronger.
Chris chris
March 26th, 2015

What could this all beeeeee? Is this a Sarah chapter?!
Updates and other things
OKay everyone! The new chapter begins a shit ton of changes and I HOPE everyone is excited!!! I am! This comic won't update as frequently as I have the last two months. We are moving to a MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY update system.

Firstly there's going to be quite a bit of coloring techniques that I hope set moods better. I know some of the last pages looked a little unfinished (Hos underwater for one) but I assure you, those instances were intentional. It was meant to give you a feeling of disconnect from the realm and the Pool.

Secondly, I am trying to use a different font, which is my own handwriting only converted for a computer usage. A friend has also generously allowed me to use hers because its sexy and man, just beautiful.

Third, I've gone back to inking in my speech bubbles and leaving my panel lines as original. I will still try to figure out how to clean the gutter without it looking so bleh. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make it look natural without taking away too much quality in the traditional art.

With that, this chapter shouldn't be a long one! I have a few questions I want to ask y'all, cause I like having opinions.
Should I give you Chapter Summary at the end of each chapter in my Author's comments?
I'm thinking about putting up a character profiles tab. I'm not sure how to work it up on Smackjeeves. Would y'all like to see profiles?

Let me know in the comments below! Please share Monkey Pot with your friends and beloveds. <3 See ya on MONDAY!!!
@Guest: I have not! Sometimes comments get eaten up
@Kelila: >:< agreed
Chris chris
February 28th, 2015
@Kelila: I don't think anyone expected that! THanks for the comment you cutie bootie
this is some amazing art. really professional looking.
Chris chris
February 7th, 2015
Yay! We'll get to find out what's going on soon.
Your art is fantastic! Keep it up!
Chris chris
February 7th, 2015
at least she hasn't asked for the wifi password yet. ;)
those wings are so beautiful! I love that you drew them proportional to the body.