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My name is April Black, and I aspire to be the world's greatest manga writer! I love comics and I have a lot of webcomics I'm crazy about.

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Well now our son is a killer. Why is he so much cooler to me now? hm.
I just realized after all these years...They are like humanized spongebob and squidward.
fffffffffffff I reached the end of my two night binging on this comic! Also why is Cal in physical pain? hm.
omg I knew Cal had a little secret. It wasn't adding up. I love the consistency of this comic.
This comic has got me teary.
wtf did this comic turn into? lol. I'm so glad I stopped reading for a bit, now I have so much to catch up on. This comic is amazing. The characters are so consistent and believable. And now I have no idea wtf is going on here.
September 17th, 2017
Love the last panel.
lol. You can do what i do and draw characters from tv in the background as easter eggs. Ps: this started out as the first straight comic i've actually liked, but now it's the only comic i read. Love it. Keep up the good work!
This comic is going to give me nightmares!radiohead!!
I'm a new mom busy with mom life, but I still managed to re-read this whole comic! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm truly in love with all of your characters.
Knew it. Poor Billy just can't catch a break.
Really cool comic so far. The art is cute. One thing though, there's a lil typo. "Were going to teach you 'to' play an instrument."
I ask myself that question everyday...

I love this comic. It's adorible and engaging.
You have won my heart via comedy. This comic looks very promising.
Go figure he'd have beautiful eyes under those goggles. hilarious.
December 28th, 2014
oh those sexy eyes.
This is the first straight-love comic I've actually liked since back in my shoujo days. D: wow. The art is what got me at first, but then I found the story compelling and the characters have such personality. I really like this, and I want to make a comic like this some day.