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Diane Ernzen
I am a comic artist and illustrator from Luxembourg.

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    Diane Ernzen
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Sorry,for the late update! The next pages have very detailed backgrounds,and therefore it takes a bit longer to create each page. It's important for me that my story takes place on a real existing location. Maybe I should change my banner into weekly instead of "Monday"...I don't know, but I 'll still do my best to draw a page every week.
It's been a while! But here is page number 19.
Sorry for the long pause.
I'm already working on page number 20.
This is page numbeer 18!
I totally forgot to upload this page yesterday! Shame on me! But here it is!
This is page number 16!
This is page number 15!
Even if you don't might see it, to get the layout right on this page was a huge pain. But now everything looks like it should.
Ultimate paper chaos!!
Enjoy the newest page!
This time I have to upload the newest page a little bit earlier because tomorrow on Monday I've got no time.
Finally page number 11!
Enjoy and see you next Monday!
Finally page number 10!
A big thanks to all new fans, you're great!
See you next Monday!
Hello,it's Monday!
Time for a new page.^_^
Have fun!
A new page just for once a bit earlier!^_^
This is page number 7.
See you next Monday and enjoy these new pages!
This is page number 6.
This is page number five.
See you next Monday!
Today is Monday!
Here is the newest page.