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im just another sonic hotel comic maker, just that im diffirent
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@senalcoolage: let me guess, it's s instead of z in surprise
i haz big things planed for the future
@Trainer Ash: oh, i just wanted to make something decent of my life (and because of plot development)
@.:Girlade:.: me, i wanted to get the whole "pregnant danielle" thing out of the way, but it leads to other plot elements, as for liz, i got bored and wanted to add something to the story that's like nicole
note: epic foreshadowing coming soon
info and stuff
liz is a project i was working on, and the core is the thing that keeps my machines powered, if offline, the machines are charged
what's with the random s's
3 fans in 1 day, the comic says it all
side note
the girl next to me is my wife (in comic, not irl), she is 6 months pregnant(hence the big belly)