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Ravenous Ritsu
I'm Ritsy, I love fan-fics or webcomics that people come up with on their own. My absolute favorite manga/anime is Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).
The greatest ongoing webcomic that I have ever had the luck of stumbling upon is teahouse. It's beautiful.
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@.........: Oh it's perhaps my favorite webcomic (sadly discontinued). They have icons they allow you to use and that happens to be one of them. Look up teahouse comic.
...Is he dreaming?
I hope not.
I honestly love this story so much. It always makes me chuckle, and it's so damn cute. Keep up the good work!
Oooh, I love you and everything you create! I can't wait for the next update ;u;
-waits impatiently- Such an evil place to leave off ;n;
Take your time! I understand how hard it is to balance your art and your job. For me, I have to find a balance between writing and cosmetology school, and I used to have a part time job that treated me like a full-time employee.
Don't push yourself too hard! Try to get some rest, and update when you have the time~ I will be here waiting for however long~ c:
Ravenous Ritsu
November 15th, 2014
I love the response I got c'x I think I know my answer, Aoba~ muhaha~!
Uwaaaa~ kawaii~! I love this so much ;u;
Ravenous Ritsu
November 4th, 2014
Aoba, how do you honestly, truly feel about Kei? ;n; I MUST KNOW~!
Yes~ I like this very much! Your sketches are even beautiful~ Keep up the good work! <3
That look of utter disgust on Takeshi's face though xD
OML, Satoru is so gorgeous ;n; You've outdone yourself, nancchan~ I am loving the redwarn first chapter so much already~!
What's second? Dx The suspense is killing me ;-;
I'm so happy you updated though~ I love this comic so much.
Uwaaah~ Takumi is just way too cute. And sensei @u@ You beast~ I love them both so much I could die. Everytime you update, I melt a little inside.
Takeshi seems mad OwO;; I like this.
MY HEART! This page just... I think my ovaries just exploded.
Takumi is soooo cute~ hnngggg.
asdf! Kiss ;-;