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Welcome to my profile! You like, yes?

I will try not to delete anymore of my comics... :P
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@hockeydude77: So do we alternate or 5 comics me and then 5 comics you?
@OGamma: Look at the other Phoenix Wright games.
Oh f*** me....fixed!
Now begins the viewer participation!
If you're gonna participate in the interactive aspect of this webcomic, then this is essential for you.
Now we gots a dark wizard eyeball thingy! Hooray and welcome back!
In all honesty, you guys had all this time to update. That aside, this does not distract any comics you guys are willing to do. All of my comics will consist of the Sensei's story, but you all can still update whatever you please.
Something New
Ironically, the days where I have updated my comics the most were non-vacation days. Now that I'm actually in my vacation, I rarely update. I needed something new and fresh in order to binge out comics, but in doing so, I would be ignoring my other comics. Especially this one, which barely updates at all. So I reached an impasse. Do I go with my obtained inspiration and make a new comic? Or do I stick with updating my already existing ones? My Answer? C. All of the above(natch)!

So here's a new arc for the dojo that tells the story of the Sensei. A Zeus Guy born of shadows, destined to bring about the balance of light and dark.

Tell me what you think. This is merely a prelude to the story, so in case anyone disagrees with this new dojo chapter, I can call it off or put it into a separate comic.
@TGYR: Expect to see more of the guy.
@jakeroo123: If I get more requests, then I'll change it.
One more....
One more moar....
@Hero of Comedy: Well, if you consider her being targeted by the Beanstar thief and risking the activation of the Beanstar which could allow anyone to make their wishes come true no matter how horrible it is and not to mention that the thief wields huge fisticuffs, so Chanterelle herself could be in danger, maybe it could be a problem...
Actually, that's an edited Egg Carrier. I merely recolored it and added a few things.
Well as you know, death isn't very absolute in the Mario world.
Well the original reason was that Sonic got blinded from Peasley's hair flash, but your way sounds good too.