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I fell off of smackjeeves for a long time. I thought of this comic nearly everyweek. Im so happy to know that this comic is still being updated. Love your work!!
YESSSSS BOO BOO THATS IT. Thank you Aki for saying that now if shes not on board with what you have said to her then oh well.
I wonder if the mother was watching this or the woman is going to report all this to her? (most likely the last one in my opinion)

He's so bright and she is so scared But omg she is so cute.
GOD i hate bullies. Leave Raine alone snot nose kid.
Oh my GOSH he so freaking adorable i mean look at him!
NOOOOOOOOOO! Its a sad life now
So innocent I love her!
Dat Face!
i have to agree with the vet
WOOOOOOOOOW! Well this gonna be good
WAAAAAAA so darn cute. He had a head full of hair at nine months. lol. I'm just so happy right now Kaidou is so adorable looking and his blush...hdsfsahdfsgf.

More More MORE MORE!! Pictures of Kaidou and i want to see a few of Shuuhei too!!
This is amazing. She is so pretty. I love their brother sister relationship. Shuno is just so damn smart I fell even more in love with him. (i mean what was not to love in the beginning)

Everything is just coming together so now the real sh*t is going to go down.

Angel you are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!
I have the same idea Photo album!
The coloring is beautiful. The details are amazing! The dog looks so cute.

They actually played a trick on him which caused him to be out for 5 hours. Well damn...
I agree also with quadrant.

Did they play a joke? If it was that was one horrible prank.
Shuno that is so amazing. All that he has done. Like damn. Poor pooch!