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Great and subtle way to remind us that Hypno has Insomnia. And a great way to show how the Pokémon learnt new moves. I really love this Nuzlocke. It is probably my favorite
Page missing?
Is there a page missing between this one and "What a jerk amirite"?
Double Dig
How can both Jimbo and Rufaine know Dig? Isn't that a move neither learns by lvl up? And this is a game where TMs were usable once only... I call hack! Blue level hack!

But I love the comic and the pace it is at. And keep your artistic freedom when it comes to moves too. Looking forward to every page.
>Refuse, grab Kyr, and make a run for it
More readers need to discover this Nuzlocke ASAP! This is great. The artwork might not be PERFECT, but it is still much better than many other nuzlockes I've read. Like the character development and that they have different personalities, and it is great that you update so frequently. Keep up the good work!
They're doomed. The moment we get a Trainer battle in a Gym, something big is going to happen
I got so happy when I found Rumplestiltskin on Smackjeeves. I love this so much, I read it all untill chapter 8 on Inkblazers, before I lost the link and forgot how to find it.
Can't wait for next page!
This looks promising. I look forward to read this as you publish.
I realized first now that the link to your nuzlocke says "emeradlskies", not emeraldskies". Just to make you aware, in case you want to change it (if that is possible)
Week off
@kotor: This appears to be a loooooooong week.
Jackson has gotten a lot of screen time recently. And we're starting to like a PATRAT!!! How soon are we to him getting killed? Is there any way he CAN survive?
How did you manage to paint that so precise?