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I enjoy drawing. and i sprite sometime.

And i have a Skype account.
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I personally find this piece very sexy. Dat Red though so cute ^-^ i think this turn out really well. i totally ship this though.
Ray is just amazing in this part of the comic. loving the face at the end.
Makes me wonder what Ray is thinking about all this. O.o
This looks fairly close to the sprite, so that is good.

The feet look like they are part of the leg. the leg needs to get smaller down toward the feet them put on the foot. use boxes for when drawing feet.

Also, the space between her legs is too wide for a girl. it is fine if it was a male, but a females don't have that wide spot between their legs.

One user already said what needed to be said about the other stuff so i don't think i need to go in to detail about them.

Here some tips for you practicing gesture drawing will help you it has helped me. im still learning as well but do gesture drawing every day. also use real people look at them draw them DON'T draw cartoon or anime use real people. i say this because anime is base off real people but before you draw anime or cartoon you must understand how the body works.

I know some helpful videos and sites it can really help. feel free to PM me i don't know if posting links here is against the TS.