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Body shaped like an egg with a really small head and no neck. 3 arms, two in the usual position with a third coming out of the chest, all arms are ridiculously long. Rather small legs with no feet, rather, tiny wheels for mobility. A propeller mounted on the back for forward thrust, mainly uses his long arms to pull himself along. Eats only roast chicken and chips. Draws strange comics when not occupied.
April 27th, 2014
Chapter 3 starts now.
Chapter 2 never had a cover at the start of it, so here's one for the end of it.
Pop your question in the comments, you can ask anybody (yuelle, luthon, king fireblood, gilgarow, the veros) anything and they'll answer. Just drop your question into a comment.
February 23rd, 2014
Thanks for reading.
Gave up?
Eaten by his pet dingo??

Hooray, Journey to the West reference!
I'd just like to say : Home Improvement sprites = brilliant.
What, so we don't see the bat-hound?
Daffodil has cool ears.
I always thought eating babies was more of a Tasmanian thing...
bet, eh?
Hey, lyon, I dare you to try and make money from hosting webcomics for free.