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@yasha.queen: 42 is the meaning of life
lol Brian's "did I turn him gay" inner self XD it's so cute. Don't worry Brian, you can't turn people gay. They already are. You probably just pushed the truth towards him.
@hello?: the rest are on her tumblr
I like how grillby escorted everyone out and locked the doors haha. My mans knows what's up
The fourth wall breaking is so cute haha
Woot! I'm very interested about his side of things ^_^
@abyssdoor: eyeliner wings so sharp they cut skin XD kidding
He's a dog for you lol. Woof ~
Please don't think he looks like your son while you have sex with him XD
Oh no poor eilian XD
Their love hate relationship is so hot lol. It reminds me of the blue haired duke or prince and the reddish brown haired prostitute in tea house, if anyone has ever read that
Lol I can see the regret on his face XD. Spyder is such a cutie
Ya you really should. That sun is terrifying. Like I feel violated looking at it.
Did she punch him?? Or smack him?? He didn't tell her about him and Logan did he??? Why else would she smack him?? Cause she wouldn't just for him breaking up...
Why would you do this to us? Lol. I mean the situation isn't funny but it was very abrupt.
Unless you can find your lube, guess you're going in dry. Rip man lol

Pro tip for nearsighted people: if you can't find something without your glasses (for instance when you can't find your glasses XD), use your phone camera. Cause you can see in your phone camera without needed glasses and it's usually high enough resolution. Well today's smart phones are. Idk about the flip phone variety.
I literally snorted at the I win panel XD
OMG lol damn Rupert went straight predatory on max XD