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Messy, tough, disorganized, fearless, not rule conscious, likes the unknown, rarely worries, rash, attracted to the counter culture, rarely irritated, positive, resilient, abstract, not a perfectionist, risk taker, strange, weird, self reliant, leisurely, dangerous, anti-authority, trusting, optimistic, positive, thrill seeker, likes bizarre things, sarcastic ect. ect...
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Raaawr! Finally! O(^_^)O
NOOOOO! *shreaks*
Want more D:
I absoleutely love EL! He's awesommeh ^____^
It's the old Russian font! >.< And its not gone, the Russian church uses it in prayers D: omg so not cool >.<
ITS 3!!!
that should be the third filler.

But i hope u understand the joke.

Im posting a comic soon. Thank you 4 watching us ^^
Omg i hope I wont do more fillers than comics... >.<

Anyway, please comment ^_^
Crappy as always... anyway, enjoy my first work ^^
Hohohoho >.< so osom X3 ilu the 6th pannel ^.^
Oooooh my gawd scru that crappy lineart of mine...

Hope you enjoy every page, cuz were all doing our stuff!! (i mean drawing comics.... lol i feel awkward)

well, have a nice day ^^
Now he has a 1 more percent of surviving in a zombie apocalypse... LOL~
LOLOLOLOL XDDD They look cute together XD
HOW HOTT!!! *drool*
Yay, go scott <3~
Voting for Scott... no, that other one, no, no, that one... ah forget it XD
You comick'z nut so bad too. Thanx for the fave, <3 X}*~