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I'm back!
I'm back from holiday and finally have access to a computer! This comic is short because I didn't have much time to make it.
This comic is amazing!
I tried turning this into a GIF but it came out horribly. So I added an arrow and kept it as an image.
This comic seems to look quite good! I might favorite this if it is as good as it seems to be...
> Ask Tega if she needs anger management therapy.
Pixel Fools
Update soon
Sorry about the delay, but I have been ill and I have found it hard to get inspiration for the comics' jokes. I will try to update soon.
I decided to post two comics today *dramatic music*
I have officially deleted the first comic. This was because I did not believe it was as funny as my other comic strips. Thanks for reading,
Sorry for the amount of time taken to make this update. I have been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and I was too busy with homework and such to update. I'll try to make the next update quicker. If this is popular I may make more minecraft-themed comics.
Thanks for reading,
Meet the cast
Any opinions on things I should change about my cast, why not post a comment below?
Ninjas VS pirates, who would win?