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As of when I last updated, all my webcomics are dead. They are being revised and completely re-written. I'm sorry that I have to do this to anyone that was actually interested, but I want to make them suck a little less. No promises on when they shall return, because I am ridiculously busy

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*revives with magic powder*

Hey~ sorry i've been dead for so long when I promised life ;A; Was working on my newest comic, Ledrad (go check it out *shot*)

Here is something. Going on holiday in a week, and straight after (literally) it's tokonatsu (<3), so may be inactive again for a week or two. Will try and see what I can do in a week. Also, if anyone wants to see any type of pairing or something on this, however bizarre, tell me here~ I want stuff to draw for this collab XD

Anyway, the full version of that side pic to the comic can be found here: if you're interested <3

Fffffssskkk~ I apologise for my supreme failure at life. I totally should have updated earlier >_< So have a crappy picture of Fionn doing nothing in particular~

This took me forever >_< It's too hot to do much of anything (for england, anyway ;A; WTH is wrong with our weather????) But I swear i'll get something better drawn out asap <3
awwww poor Franki ;A; I'll be friends with you!!!!!

And the 'you pass over already' made me LOL XDXD The nurse is awesome~
hahahaha! He's awesome! And also kinda scary XD Seeing him has actually made me think of an awesome idea for a page~ Lets see what I can do~
hahahaha I am also slacking *shot* Am currently working on a Fionn picture, but it's taking forever >_< And I have no idea what to do for a comic page atm ;A;

Ahhhh I am generally more of a lurker too, but meeting up in a chat room sounds like a good idea~ or a massive msn conversation or something XD It'll be difficult to arrange a time though >_<

And kanon is adorable!!!!! :3
awwwwww ;A; I thought i'd commented on this comic... guess not >_<

Poor Honda XD He's such a puppy <3

And I would be just like you Ly chee, when doing traditional work >_<;;;;; I NEED MY UNDO BUTTON!!!!!
*hugs* Danny is so cute~

I would steal him from you, but that may traumatise him >_<;;;;

Us girls ARE scary *insert evil laughter*
This made me laugh XDXD I wouldn't like to get on the bad side of this guy XD
ahhh I also need to apologise for a lack of updates >_< I have finished uni for the year now, so I should have lots of time.... just need to figure out what to do XD A field trip sounds awesome to me~

Also, Yoshi is adorable :3 Can I keep him? *steals*
ffffssssskkkk~ sorry for fail background~ I was listening to Alexander Rybak's Fairytale a lot whiles drawing this, and well.... the background actually has no excuse. It was a last minute effort >_<

I am back to updating now~ Uni is over for this year, and I have lots of time on my hands~ If anyone has any requests for me to draw something in the collab, pairings, events, anything, then say so, cause I have no ideas atm >_< Uni sucked out my creativity, and the rest went into the relaunch of my comic~ (insert shameless advertising)

Was experimenting with coloured lineart here~ haven't done it for ages XDXD

And did anyone watch the eurovision???? Don't think many people from out of Europe will have, but it was so much better this year!!!! And i'm not only saying that because the UK got 5th instead of last!!! (well.... maybe a little.... damn you, political voting!!!)

On other news, London expo this weekend~ I shall be there~ It will be awesome~~~
nom nom :3

sorry this is such a late reply >< just dropping in to say that I too am alive~ my problem is I have 3 projects due in soon~ a life drawing project in for friday, and a horrible, horrible essay and an animatic in for next friday, and being the idiot I am, have slacked..... (seriously, under the guise of essay research, today we watched mulan, hercules and sword in the stone..... because disney always helps with essays!!!!)

In addition I am a fail at life and a general slacker...... Fionn will be back soon~
awww poor honda :(


and I really need to get a page up >< I promise i'll start working on something when I get back from york~ it will be slightly harder to draw over easter when I have sisters to bug me, but i'll get something done ><
:3 another character~ <3

he looks so cool! *glomp*
aa he looks cool~

welcome to the collab :3
awww he's so cute <3

he looks really unimpressed XD
That is one awesome nurse~

I can see her harassing Chris XD Trying to get him to pass on and all~
aaa s/he is awesome~

methinks that s/he looks like an english teacher~
rofl! Poor confused teacher XDXD

Awww chris~
XD The girls are awesome~

you have such a nice style~ <3
awww kanon you make me laugh XDXD I can't wait to see some of the future cat/dog meetings XD