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This page is really sweet, you get to see Atty care for DT's safety and how much DT cares for the victory for his jumper.
Awhhh. Look at those chubby little cheeks. All filled up with food. Cx
February 21st, 2013
Free wings and clipped wings? It looks so good. P:
My friend does that too. He hates this kid called jesse. If i ever be-friend him he'll go nuts! xD
Love dis comic <3
hmm.. so she has noticed! Well i don't think he will betray
his friends but it would be kind of kwel if he started
hanging out with some other vampires... D:
I agree with KittyStar9. Umbreon really
does seem like it suits his personality!
But if you chose something different
i believe it will also work!
Pfft! And this is when everyone gather 's the fake power
of believing in a disadvantaged pokemon; so it will be
unstoptable just like in the anime. >;l
This page was just laughable! xD
Just Take His Money. LMFAO!!
I understand! i shall go to the voting site and vote for i am brainwashed by your words... and your comic. @__@
@zok4: So true. i didn't see that the first time when i viewed this.
Pfft, i've played that game before.
Awesome page.
I think me and Atty both had a WTF moment at the
same time. Sorry but I really thought she was the
gym leader, good plot twist btw. I am dumbfounded.
Sooo cute!! :3
Damn man! That Kitty got him down. Either way don't trust
a lion, or don't trust strangers generally. [lesson learnt.]
Starts chanting. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" :3
Nawh~ just look at that face. All covered in blood. 0u0
Damn billy. There must be something wrong with you. :X
The song suits them so well.
Congrats LadyLover.
Looking forwards to it.