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I am Calavanitas! Breather of airs and eater of foods!

I am a fan of spooky things, frilly things, lacy things, silly things, sweet things, chewy things and mountains-out-of-molehill-y things~

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Sorry guys! I was at ANOTHER con. (I'm a terrible, terrible nerd, forgive me)
I've had the craziest week and I spent every second I could find working on this page but it's got 11 characters and it took forever
this is a month late
took a little bit of a break there and forget to mention why but the comic's back
I fell asleep on the floor midway through this page. I don't know what happened. But it's done now.
ooooo, exposition
@Madraina: Thank you! I tried really hard! <3 <3
To the people that complained to my face about the color that started showing up in the second half of the chapter. HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT NOW? TOLD YOU I HAD A PLAN.
Sorry about the late page, guys! I tweaked a nerve in my wrist somehow and I was having a hard time trying to finish up the page this week. But it's done!
Actually, it's late because my computer fan was making a really odd noise, so I wanted to clean it before I risked finishing up this week's page.

My computer fan sounds super happy now though. <3
HAHA Made it!
I try and have the pages upload at 10 AM PST, but I was out of town all weekend and didn't have access to my comic. So I was trying to cram it all in before the deadline. Thankfully this was an easy page to finish up. 9:53! Totally on time!
@Andromeda Lazuli: I'm not gonna lie, it's Stardew Valley. Shameful, I know.
I don't even know what's going on anymore
The font I was using for my comic changed permissions, so I'm going to be writing all the words now. I'll try to make sure it's neat and legible!
My life has been eaten by a video game, but here's the page. I'm going to go back to playing that game now. byeeeee
Things are getting serious. oh my.
Sorry guys! I forgot yesterday was Monday. I'll set a reminder on my phone from now on. Here's this week's page.
We're back...again.
Sorry guys! These past few months have been my worst semester ever of college, and I couldn't handle the workload and the comic at the same time. Thankfully, I'm taking a very laid back class for my last semester and I won't be nearly as swamped. However, because I only finished the semester last week, the updates will only be on Sundays until the buffer is back up, BUT I AM WORKING ON IT, and I'm determined to get a nice cushion back. I'm also working on some neat extra features and art for the comic and will be updating the site as they become available.

tl;dr: I'm a bad person--more stuff soon.
Sorry about the late update again guys.
I'm actually going to start updating on Mondays instead of Sundays because I no longer have Fridays to work on the comic.

I hope to have the comic update on Monday afternoons for the rest of the year. I refuse to hiatus again.

Sorry again, everyone.
Sorry about the late update!
I messed up my drawing arm and it took a while for me to be able to lift it properly. Sorry guys!
I love you, Readers!
All of you. Each and every one! Last update was the best week Doll Meister has ever had! You guys are amazing, I can't stop smiling~