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Reading all kinds of comics (especially BL, vampires, fantasy <3)

I like listening to 2NE1 (my FAVORITE is CL), AKB48, H!P, 2PM (TAECYEON, SARANGHAE)

Watching: How To Get Away With Murder, CSI: Cyber

Currently in relationship~
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WHOAW, I was away for some vacation time and I get back to see this updated *cries from joy*

That lady is at fault and yet, we would have acted the same if we were in her shoes ^^;

Well, will at least one survive and kill the house?

I shall wait for the next update :)
@Okiku: COOKIES~~~ *munches on le cookie* nyaha~ ^u^
\ ( ^ ~ ^ ) /
@Okiku: OH MY GOD!!!! Seeing you reply and tell me that this is gonna be updated.... T^T Ganbatte!!! I am rooting for you so things go well to you and then you can work on this update (well, most importantly that things go well for you for the sake of them going well, not for the sake of me wanting this to be updating ^^; )

I will wait patiently then *sips tea*
I finally caught up with this, was busy with studies and other things in my life (have a boyfriend finally LOL)

God, I cannot wait to find out what actually happened to Kenneth and Emma that they were in the state where only one could be saved... And then why in the end Kenneth is alive if father chose to save Emma? did trying to save her didn't work or at the last minute he changed his mind?

Also curious about Lawrence, want to see his scenes soon.

I think I ship Beth with Kenneth more, but I'll be honest, it changes every time she interacts more with one or another so you never know :D
I was just wondering...will you ever update this....this is one of my favorites and I love the art... I was busy the past year and now finally caught up with every webcomic I loved and bookmarked on 2014.... Ah, it's so sad to see that the last update was last year...
Northway looks cool, I mean, just look at that hair of his O__o

Cannot wait to find out what he intends to do with the boy, but I hope he doesn't get his hands on him

Are you okay?... Get well soon

<3 <3 <3
I wonder what she will have to do...what the sacrifice is... oh well, we'll see I guess :) I am really glad you have a set goal for this story and that you don't drag the plot on for too long :)
wow, time really flies~ I am proud to be a fan for all six years~ <3 I'll wait for your updates as long as it's needed~

Oh Kenneth made her blush, that became quite a common thing now, she might fall for him (if she haven't already :3 )
congratulations on your pregnancy? and hope you do get better soon~

Love this page~ so detailed~
I think this is more of a "body snatcher" scenario. The "marriage" is the joining of the evil spirit to the victim's body. The victim dies when his or her body is taken. Then, when the body becomes worn out, the spirit chooses a new victim. I could be wrong, though.
<end of quote>

I have the same view on this... I really enjoyed this creepy story... Waiting for more~
new character... *strokes invisible beard* I bet this Master Fayt is a gorgeous man~ That would be L.O.V.E.L.Y. ^^
WOW, it must be freezing cold there...
Can't they fall in love here then? ><; that would not be nice...

and really, what a show off he is, but it was really gentlemanly of him to give her his coat, deshou? ^^
I don't think she will even manage to say 'I do' wait she did say those words... ><;

Oh, poor Ruby...

Well, the guy/groom is really creepy... *looks around* to know I am not the prettiest...haha...
just wonderful, another abusive parent...

February 7th, 2014

*rapes reload button*


Is it bad that I am - as most of the others here - rooting for the evil queen?

And belated congratz on the engagement~
I just have to say this... I love this web comic~ I haven't been in smackjeeves for awhile and then when I came upon your web comic and read it in one go... OH BOY, I fell in love with the characters and the story line, laughed so many times... and this is a sad part now... I think I don't have my favorite character, they all are just so wonderful~ Please, do not ever stop drawing~ m(_ _)m