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My reading interests include sci fi, historical (though I'm rather picky) and coming-of-age stories. I don't normally read comics or graphic novels, but if it's a good story, I won't reject it!
@Elaienar: thank you for your kind comments! Goodness,it has been so long since I drew this that i had all but forgotten about it ?

It was a short-lived project, but i am glad you enjoyed it ?
I absolutely love your new traditional coloring style! It's very lively :)

As for the story, this is just... too much XD
@kangel: Once upon a time, I discovered that a dress I owned for over a year actually had pockets hidden in the folds. Not little ones either; huge pockets that went almost as deep as my elbows and could hold 2-3 hardcover novels in each one. The only thing missing that could have made that discovery perfect is if there would have been money inside :3
Sorry for the random updates, guys! I've had almost no time to draw, but I'll try really hard to stick to weekly updates!
How strange your style is! I love the mixed media/collage feel of this!
@mitchellbravo: Wow, the angle in that third panel is awesome!

Argh, I knew Donny was trouble from the start!!! The bottles, however, I did not suspect ;P
Yeah, it's a Hans suit! Not crazy about the movie, but I loved that suit!
Regular weekly updates from here on out!
first page will be up tomorrow!
@uglyfun: Aw, what a pleasant surprise! I'm really glad to see updates on this comic!
Loud Era
Ah, I love that comic! And I love
Jarvis' permanent smile :D
Aww, I love what she says in the last panel; it's so sweet :)
I feel a bit like Leon now like could you repeat that just a tiny bit louder I'm having some trouble eavesdropping thanks :)
Woah, creepy..... they're like little zombies.
@mitchellbravo: Ah it's great seeing this back up again :) I've honestly missed seeing your art!

Wow, you draw such lovely buildings...
I threw a baby once. It was totally an accident; I got stung by a bee on my thigh (never got stung before) and the sudden pain made me drop the poor kid.

He wasn't hurt, but.... yeah. I was in pain :3
@Fu!: Whelp, now I know what I'll do over summer break!
On Leon? Absolutely nothing is sexier. Your style is getting REALLY good! I look forward to more pages :)
Absolutely! That's what makes this comic so much fun :D
LOL, well it was very clever even though I expected it XD